Garden of Terror Overview

The Garden of Terror is one of several maps available to players in Heroes of the Storm. A 5v5 battleground, this map is the three lane map design that is common to Heroes. Upon first look at this map, it appears to be a tranquil and beautiful garden.

However, looks can be deceiving and terror lurks just below the surface. With both day and night game play, this map has many sinister plants lurking. Killing them is essential and will allow your team to access the Garden Terror, the ultimate plant of destruction.

Primary Map Objectives

The Garden of Terror is an unusual map due to it's night and day game play aspect. During the day, normal lane map play will rage. With mercenary camps and watchtowers. However, when night falls these vanish and more fearsome things will begin to roam the map.

Kill Night Horrors

Night horrors are corrupted plants that roam the Garden of Terror once night falls. Once night falls, your vision will become very limited and the entire map will take on a darker tone. Night will last until all night horrors are killed. Night horrors come in two types; the smaller Infested Servants and the massive Flowering Shambler.

Collect Seeds

Besides just giving interest to the map, night horrors play an important role; giving seeds. Each night horror will spill out seeds as it is killed. Players should attempt to collect these seeds as they fall. The location of the night horrors are visible on the mini map with tiny purple indicators, similar to the Haunted Mines display of skulls.

Night horrors come in both big and small sizes, each dropping seeds relative to their size. Seeds require a player to walk directly over them to be collected. A counter will appear indicating how many seeds each team has managed to collect. After collecting 100 seeds at least one player should return to the base and unleash the weapon you have earned.

Garden Terror

Once inside the base, you will find a fertile piece of dirt. Here the player will need to channel and “plant” the seeds. Channeling requires the player to take no damage and make no movement for several seconds. After the channeling is complete, the player will become a plant siege weapon; the Garden Terror. This embodiment of doom can be used to lay waste to the enemy team's base.

Once you have become the Garden Terror you will have access to two abilities:

  • Plant Horror Overgrowth – Disable and damage all enemy buildings in casted area.
  • Spore Queen's Curse – Turns enemy players into Plant Zombies.

Secondary Map Objectives

The Garden of Terror is not all about collecting seeds. During the day, players will focus on pushing to the enemy base perhaps using mercenary camps, the secondary map objective, to help along the way.

Mercenary Camps

Garden of Terror provides players with two kinds of mercenary camps. However, they are only available during the day phase of this map:

  • Siege Giants
  • Knights

Defeat the camp to have these mercenaries fight for your team. These NPCs typically go towards and push the lane they are closest to. Once a mercenary camp has been obtained by a team, it will not appear again for several minutes.


While most maps make use of watchtowers to grant a team extra vision. The Garden of Terror is lacking these map objectives. Perhaps to make the night feel more sinister, teams will find no watchtowers on this map.

Garden of Terror – How to Play

As noted above, Garden of Terror has a day and night sequence. This means that there is no need to side track from normal game play to collect seeds. Instead players can take advantage of the day, pushing at the enemy team's base and defeating their heroes. The most important part is to be sure your team is alive when night is ready to fall.

When night falls, the fun begins. Teams can choose to do one of many things. Gather seeds to activate the Garden Terror, take advantage of the low lighting and rack up kills, or bum rush the large night terrors who drop the most amount of seeds. No matter what you choose to do, you will be collecting seeds. Thus, the most important question will ultimately be; when do I activate the Garden Terror.

While it may seem like a good idea to activate immediately, it may be better to wait for the perfect time. For example, waiting to activate the Garden Terror during the next night phase. Your team can farm for seeds while you rush the enemy base, forcing them to rally to defeat you. Or use the Garden Terror when many of the enemy heroes are dead. This will leave you with an open opportunity to cause massive amounts of destruction.

Please note, these strategies are suggestions only. Do not be afraid to improvise and play to the strengths of your team. Create your own strategies that will take your team to victory. How you win is not important.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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