Haunted Mines Overview

The Haunted Mines is one of several map options available to players in Heroes of the Storm. A 5v5 battleground, this map is a two lane map design. The lanes follow the outer edges of the map. While map appears to be tranquil, an old mine gone to rot. Nothing special here right? Wrong.

With above and below ground levels, players have two areas to explore. Above ground, normal game play takes place as seen on most other maps. Inside the old mine lies undead creatures bent on destroying the living, including a very large boss.

While it may seem prudent to avoid them, they play an important role in the game by powering your teams Golem. This Golem can make or break your team and is the primary focus of this map. However, threats from above cannot be ignored, making this map a real nail biter.

Primary Map Objectives

As hinted at above, the Hunted Mines map is split into two distinct levels. The standard map above ground and the haunted mine below. While much game play will take place above ground, the Haunted Mine is really the star of this map.

Enter the Mines

The mines open periodically as the game play progresses. A timer will appear counting down the opening and the mine entrances will be indicated on the mini map. When the mines are open, players only need to find the opening and click to enter the mines. Once inside, players will find hordes of undead (including a central boss), as well as the enemy team.

Collect Skulls

Killing the undead is the name of the game inside the mine. The undead, including the boss at the end, will drop skulls that give your team points. 100 of these skulls can be collected each time the mine is opened. Remember, the enemy team is competing for these same skulls. The boss, found in the center of the map, will give a large amount of points.

Power Your Golem

After all the minions have been killed, a Grave Golem will be summoned for both teams. Each Golem spawns in the base of the team it belongs to and will progress to a different lane. The Golem will amble slowly down this lane, smashing everything in it's path, until it finally dies. Your Golem's strength will depend on how many skulls (points) your team managed to collect inside the mines.

Secondary Map Objectives

While managing normal game play and dominating in the mines can take up all your time; the Haunted Mines does offer the two standard secondary map objectives; watchtowers and mercenary camps.

Mercenary Camps

Players will find only two types of mercenary camps on this map, along with the Grave Golem given to each team:

  • Siege Giants – Four camps of two pairs on each side of the map.
  • Knights – Found near the center of the map.

Defeat mercenary camps to get the minions to fight for your team. Camps range from easy to hard and players should take this into mind when deciding to attack a camp solo or with help from other team mates.


The Haunted Mines hosts two watchtowers. Found at the very center, these watchtowers can prove to be very handy in monitoring enemy movements.

Haunted Mines: How to Play

Currently, teams seem to be sending their strongest assassin character into the mines when they become available. This person has to make fast work of the undead lurking there. Typically this player will focus on the smaller undead and totally skip the boss in the center of the mine.

While this assassin is working hard below ground, the rest of the team will need to make the most of things above. Teams should collect mercenary camps to be used to push against the enemy camp. To do this, the four players above ground must stay together and work cohesively.

Just as the Golem is starting to spawn, your team should push hard against the enemy camp with the mercenary camps you have collected. Doing major damage here is essential. When the Golems spawn your team will need to focus on killing the enemy Golem. Letting it run loose can be fatal. Once the Golem is killed, rinse and repeat the strategy until your team claims victory.

Please note, these strategies are suggestions only. Do not be afraid to improvise and play to the strengths of your team. Create your own strategies that will take your team to victory. How you win is not important.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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