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Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest is a new legendary staff that was added into the game with the release of Patch 4.2. It is an item level 397 legendary staff meant for DPS casters with some huge stats on it, as shown below.


Just look at those stats!

While this staff is the best in the game currently for DPS casters it is extremely hard to get. This is because in order to get this legendary item you will need lots of help from your guild as there is a huge set of requirements that you need to complete to get it. In return for the help that a guild has to provide to a player in addition to the player gaining the staff, members of the guild receive a non-combat pet as a reward.

Oh, and in addition to the awesome stats, the staff essentially grants a mount as well by allowing you to transform into one of the Blue Dragonflight.

Quest Chain

To start the quest chain that leads to earning this legendary staff you simply need to kill a Molten Lord in the Firelands raid. Once you do, you will get the quest Your Time Has Come. This quest is essentially just to find an NPC in either Stormwind or Orgimmar to get the next quest.

The next quest in the chain is A Legendary Engagement which has you travel to the Caverns of Time to speak to Anachronos. He will then give you the quest A Wrinkle in Time which just has you watch a cutscene showing you the future of Azeroth.

The staff even looks awesome

Anachronos then tasks you with the quest All-Seeing Eye, which is a collection quest. You need to collect 25 Eternal Embers and 3 Sands of Time so that Anachronos can craft a Timeless Eye for you. The Eternal Embers are dropped by bosses in the Firelands at a rate of 1-3 per boss, which means that you will need to defeat between 9 and 25 bosses as a guild to supply one player with enough Eternal Embers. Expect having to defeat about 15-18 bosses as a realistic number before you have enough. The Sands of Time are sold by Yasmin in Uldum for 3,000 gold each.

Once you turn in the items Anachronos will craft the Timeless Eye for you and send you on to Coldarra on the quest On a Wing and a Prayer. There you will meet Tarecgosa which gives you the quest Through a Glass, Darkly where she will lead you into the Nexus to look into the Eye of Eternity.

Once you have looked into the eye you will be sent to Kalecgos in Mount Hyjal on the quest Actionable Intelligence. This quest is to simply find Kalecgos near Nordrassil. Kalecgos then sends you on a quest back into the Firelands to collect a Branch of Nordrassil to complete the quest Delegation. The branch is found through a portal in the northwest section of the open area in the Firelands that leads you to the Anvil of Conflagration. The area is instanced and will only be available one per raid ID.

Once you have it Kalecgos will send you back to Tarecgosa in Coldara to finish the quest Nordassil’s Bough. You will then be sent back to Kalecgos to escort him to Coldarra to finish Emergency Extraction. You then talk to Kalecgos in Coldarra again to be bonded with Tarecgosa’s Essence and complete At One.

Next up you are given the quest Time Grows Short which has you collect 1000 Seething Cinders from in the Firelands raid. They drop from the elementals and bosses in the raid, but expect it to take a while to collect them all.

After collecting the Seething Cinders you will be given the quest Alignment and asked to accompany Kalecgos to a dragon council. Once you finish the scripted discussion you will be given the Runsestaff of Nordrassil epic staff, which is in itself a very good staff.


An intermediate staff that you get while questing.

Next up with the aid of the runestaff you are sent back into the Firelands raid yet again, this time on the quest Heart of Flame. For this quest you need to collect 250 Smouldering Essences and a Heart of Flame. The smouldering essences are obtained by targeting corpses of enemies in the raid and using the staff on them to collect the essence. The heart of flame is obtained by defeating Ragnaros.

Once you have all the items you will meet Hallegosa in your capital city either Stormwind or Orgrimnar. There you will be granted your final reward, the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.

Who Should Get This First in your Guild?

This item is a serious DPS boost to any caster DPS character and will therefore be in great demand. However, since it requires a lot of effort on the part of the whole guild it really should go to the player that will be able to make the biggest difference for and benefit the guild the most.

Who that is in your guild really depends. It may be the player that is always there and has a good weapon anyway, or it might be a player that is always there but has had horrible luck on items in the last tier of raiding. No matter who it goes to, the guild must decide based in a large part on who will be around in the future to help the guild the most.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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