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Posted Fri, Nov 19, 2010 by Sardu

World of Warcraft Class Guides

Constantly updated to reflect the most recent changes in the game, Ten Ton Hammer’s World of Warcraft Class Guides are an excellent source for all things class related, for beginners and experts alike. To learn more about a specific class simply click on one of the handy links provided below.

You can also discuss a favorite class with fellow enthusiasts right here on our World of Warcraft Class Forums. And for those of you specifically interested in taking on the role of tanking, don’t forget to check out our Big Guide to Tanking!

Death Knight Class Guide

Druid Class Guide

Hunter Class Guide

Mage Class Guide

Paladin Class Guide

Priest Class Guide

Rogue Class Guide

Shaman Class Guide

Warlock Class Guide

Warrior Class Guide

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