In a competitive team-based game like League of Legends, one weak link can quickly hand your opponents a win regardless of your performance. All too often the fault lies in the hands of overzealous DPS chasing too far, engaging too early, or not having a complete understanding of their hero. Don't be that guy, and check out our first League of Legends Hero Guide to Master Yi!

Innate : Double Strike – Everyone 7th attack will hit twice.

A little math will show this to be a solid overall attack speed increase, but it’s much more than that. Early on, doing an Alpha Strike on a wounded hero, then hitting Wuju Style and landing the double strike will inflict severe damage and possibly net you an early kill against those not expecting that kind of burst from Yi early in the game. Keep a close eye on your buff on the bottom and when it changes, go for a quick double tap on a hero if you can get away with it. Note that the double attack takes a little longer to come out than your normal attack, so it can be annoying to miss a last hit when your special attack procs!

The next time you see a terrible Master Yi ruining your game, you can direct them here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016