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Armor Edition

If the worth of a man (or Hobbit, Dwarf or Elf) is determined
by his deeds, then characters in the Lord of the Rings Online
must surely be worthy individuals. Deeds and
their associated Virtues allow players to
flesh their characters out far beyond a cookie-cutter set of
skills and a collection of gear.

General Deeding

Players can start deeding as soon as they finish the
new-character introduction, and there are a few reasons to do it
aside from earning Virtues:

  • Deeds earn Turbine Points, and you can earn enough that you
    never have to spend a cent to unlock Premium game features.
  • Deeds earn titles, which you can use to give your character
    a bit of "flavor."
  • Late-game deeds have other rewards - item experience runes,
    excellent mounts, housing trophies and other cool things.
  • All mobs drop loot - crafting materials, potions, junk that
    can be collected and turned in for tasks or sold to vendors,
    weapons and armor, etc. Deeding earns you money.
  • Slayer deeds are an excellent way to work out practical
    skill rotations, polish your playing style, discover new uses
    for your skills, advance class deeds, and generally figure out
    how your class works.
  • If you're between levels 1 - 75, deeding mobs around your
    level earns decent XP - particularly if you have enhanced XP
    to burn through. And if you're already level-capped, on-level
    mobs earn item XP for your legendary items.

Let's be honest - for a lot of people, deed-grinding is not one
of the more "fun" aspects of LotRO. There are certainly a host
of reasons to do it, but it can be rather mindless, tedious and
repetitive. That's why Turbine offers Slayer-deed Accelerators
for sale in the LotRO Store (Buffs & Boosts - Advancement -
Deed). The 60-minute accelerator costs 100 Turbine Points, and
the 30-minute one costs 50, and these will double your kill-rate
for slayer deeds (each kill counts as two for the duration of
the accelerator's effect), so the chore is finished sooner.

Tracking Deeds

LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Deed Log

style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" />The Deed
keeps track of every deeds you have discovered or
completed. Use Shift + L to open it (or click on the button on
the toolbar), and you will be able to look through the list. The
log is arranged by categories with sub-categories - the tabs at
the top are the main categories, and the bookmarks at the bottom
are the sub-categories. Each new deed is added to its relevant
subcategory, and from that page, you can track its progress.

For example, say you've just killed your first goblin in Ered
Luin. You will then discover the Goblin-slayer deed for Ered
Luin, which will be added to the Eriador tab (top) on the Ered
Luin page (bottom, third from left). Clicking on the
Goblin-slayer deed will show you the eventual reward and a
progress bar which shows how many you have killed and how many
more you need to kill to complete the deed.

Slayer deeds almost always come in pairs - the title deed and
the advanced deed. In most cases, the advanced slayer deed
requires killing twice as many mobs as the title deed (30/60,
120/240, etc). If you want to see the reward for the advanced
part of a deed, you can tick the box that says "Set Rewards" in
the upper right of the deed log. This shows the advanced-deed
virtues on the left page, and allows you to quickly scroll
through the list and find any particular deeds you want to work

In the bottom right corner, there's a button that says "Add To
Tracker" - this will add the deed to your quest tracker just
like any normal quest. This tracks your progress for that deed,
and will be removed from the tracker once the deed is completed.
If you are tracking a title deed and finish it, it will not
automatically add the advanced deed to the tracker. You need to
go through the list and add that yourself.

Class, Racial and Legendary Deeds

Racial deeds work almost exactly the same as
slayer deeds - each race has a handful of favored enemies, and 8
special deeds for killing them, which reward special racial
skills. Unlike regular slayer deeds, which are restricted to
specific areas, racial deeds can be completed anywhere. For
example, Hobbits can complete their Enmity of the Goblins deeds
in the Shire, Ered Luin, Moria, Mirkwood or anywhere there are
goblins. The enemies for these racial deeds do not need to be
on-level, so you can go to your racial homeland and kill the
mobs there over and over to complete these deeds.

alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Trait Panel" style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" />Class


work a little differently. These deeds require
the use of specific skills many times against on-level mobs
(except for the ones that require buffs or pet-summonings). For
some classes, these deeds can be kind of painful, requiring:

  • thousands of uses of one particular skill (e.g. True Shot
    for Hunters: strike enemies with Penetrating Shot 1000 times)
  • hundreds of lucky rolls (e.g. Critical Eye for Hunters:
    achieve critical hits with your bow 1000 times)
  • many uses of skills with very long cooldowns (e.g. Blood of
    Numenor for Captains: use your revive skills, which have
    30-minute cooldowns, 100 times)

Some of these go by very quickly. Some can effectively be
accelerated with Skill Deed Boosts from the LotRO Store (Buffs
& Boosts - Advancement - Deed). Others, like the Captain's
Blood of Numenor, can take a very long time to complete and
cannot be effectively accelerated because of the long cooldowns
of the skills involved. Every class has 24 class deeds which
reward class traits.

Legendary deeds for legendary traits are a bit
different. There are different kinds of these that must be
completed to earn the must-have skills for your class:

LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Legendary traits panel

style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" />Level 39

These legendary deeds require gathering missing pages of three
books, which are purchased at your class trainer. These pages
can be found in Angmar, Misty Mountains, Forochel, Eregion and
Moria. Each one requires 8 pages, and when the pages are all
gathered, a new legendary trait is earned.

Level 45 - This one involves completing a pair of
3-part quest chains, requiring the collection of various items
from mobs in Angmar and the Misty Mountains, and rare class
items from Carn Dum and Urugarth. When both chains are
completed, the deed is completed and a legendary trait is

Level 60 - There are three legendary deeds for Moria
content. One can be earned by gaining Kindred standing with the
Iron Garrison Guards and purchasing a book from the reputation
vendors. One is earned by following the Volume II epic books up
to the end of Volume II Book 6. The third is earned by
completing a quest chain starting at your class trainer at
around level 58 and ending with an encounter in one of the
six-man Moria instances. The legendary traits earned from these
deeds are the "capstone" traits for each class's three different
trait lines. In order to use them, the character needs to have
at least 5 of the 8 trait deeds for that particular line
completed. See the Class Guides for more detail.

Picking Your Trait Set

Once you have earned a bunch of virtues and traits, it's time
to visit a bard and pick a set that works for you. Bards can be
found in any major town or settlement, and they charge a fee for
their services - it costs more to equip legendary traits than
swapping around your virtues and class traits.

Free-to-play accounts will have only a few slots for traits and
virtues, but can upgrade to the full 5/5/7/3 set by buying the
slots with Turbine Points. VIPs get them all automatically.

Picking the right set is going to depend on a couple of
factors: your play style and the role you need to fill.
Aggressive and solo players will usually want to go with red
class traits, which generally ramp up DPS. Support-type and
group-spec players will usually want to go with blue or yellow
lines, as these generally bolster support roles. There are
exceptions, of course - Burglars, for example, may find that the
blue Gambler line is less appropriate for groups than the yellow
Mischief-maker line, and Champions may find that going with the
red trait line enhances their group-spec viability.

Legendary traits follow the same criteria. Some players will
find that going 5-deep in one of the trait lines for the
capstone legendary trait is totally worth it, and others may
feel that the non-capstone legendaries are a better choice. Some
instance content will more or less require specific legendary
traits to be slotted - Minstrel's Rally! or Fellowship's

Heart, or the Captain's Wrath of the
, for example. For a more general setup,
pick the ones that you feel you will use the most.

alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Heavy Armor Edition" />


Armor Edition | Medium

Armor Edition | Light

Armor Edition

Deeds and Virtues for Heavy Armor Characters

LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Heavy Armor

style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" />Characters who wear
heavy armor (Guardians, Champions, Captains,
though Wardens also fit into this category as
far as Virtues go) have a set of common needs, which means they
will often use the same Virtues:

  • They engage enemies, sometimes several at a time, in melee
    range, and end up taking a lot of physical/melee damage.
  • They rely heavily on Might for dealing damage and for
    blocking attacks, and on Vitality for having lots of morale.
  • Anything not related to melee offense and defense is a
    secondary consideration.

These are the front-line fighters - stalwart defenders of their
fellows, or blunt instruments of destruction hurled head-first
into the enemy's ranks. With this in mind, heavy armor-wearing
characters will want to accentuate the things that make them
good at what they do by selecting the right suite of virtues.
There are a couple of ways to go about picking the right set.

1. Min-max - With this method, you
want to get your primary attributes as high as possible.
Secondary stats will be low, but the strengths from the
jacked-up primary stats will theoretically make up from the
weaknesses of the "dump" stats. This kind of build gives you a
more narrow focus - you'll be really great at a few specific
things. The tanks with 15,000 morale unbuffed use this method.
This seems to be the direction the game is taking right now,
with endgame gear offering massive boosts to primary stats and
attributes and adding little or nothing to secondary stuff.

2. Balance - No one stat or
attribute is super-jacked-up, but all are reasonably high and
within a fairly narrow point-range of each other. This is
slightly more difficult to build and maintain than a Min-max
build, and the character will not particularly excel at any one
thing, but can offer more adaptability and survivability for
unpredictable circumstances without requiring a massive gear
change. Classes that fill many roles (such as Captains) do well
with this setup.

3. Somewhere between - Primary stats
and attributes are high, but not absurdly so. Secondary stats
and attributes are on the low side, but not crippled. This
character is a solid performer - not super-specialized like a
Min-max build, but more task-oriented and focused than a purely
Balanced build. Most players fall into this range, focusing on
building up primary stats but paying some attention to areas
where problems may develop.

Stat-focus Virtues: Might & Vitality

Front-line, heavy-armored types will want to focus on Might and
Vitality as their primary stats. Endgame gear for Champions,
Captains, Guardians and Wardens has these in spades, but more
never hurts. Might affects melee offence, physical mitigation
and block and parry ratings. Vitality affects total base morale,
physical and tactical mitigation, resistance rating and
non-combat morale regeneration. All of these things are
important for heavy armor-wearers.

Recommend: Discipline,


, Loyalty,


Defensive Focus: Morale, Defense, Mitigation

Since late-game gear tends to focus narrowly on primary stats
and attributes, players looking for more survivability and
balance may opt for Virtues that increase resistance to damage.
Physical and tactical defense are always good to have,
regardless of class, but heavy armor-users will find them
particularly useful.

Recommend: Valour, Justice,
Zeal, Charity, Compassion,

Alternatives - Patching the Gaps

If you already have massive ratings in your primary stats and
attributes and your defenses are rock-solid from gear, you may
want to consider using virtues that fill in some of the weak
spots - base power pool, in-combat power regeneration, Agility,
Will and Fate, all of which are rather poorly represented on
endgame gear.

Recommend: Determination,
Idealism, Wisdom

For a complete list of virtues and their associated deeds,
see our Master List.


Where to Go

one is a no-brainer for tanks and melee-type classes.
Might + resistance + mitigation = win. These deeds are
almost all slayer deeds. (Top)

Bree-land: Sickle-fly Slayer 1 Midgewater Marsh along the
southern edge
Shire: Wolf-slayer 1 The wolf den north of Dora
Brownlocke's farm


alt="LoTRO Deeds & Virtues - Discipline" />

Ered Luin: Hendroval-slayer 1 The little cave near the
hunters lodge where the baby lynx comes out
Ered Luin: Master of Beasts 1 Sarnur - kill the hendroval
and cave-claws in the main room
Lone-lands: Bog-lurker Slayer 1 Agamaur, in the strip of
land north of the wight-infested waters and ruins
Trollshaws: Wolf-slayer 1 The wolf den at Drauglad
Evendim: Tomb-defender 1 There are lots of
tomb-robbers at Rantost, the island north of Tinnudir
Angmar: Troll-slayer 1 The "troll-town" in Maethad
Angmar: Champions of Urugarth (final) 1 Urugarth
Eregion: Wolf and Warg-slayer 1 Burnt Tor is crawling with
Eregion: Scholars from Angmar 1 Forges of Tham Mirdain -
this is an epic book instance which you can enter from the
bridge just southwest of Echad Mirobel
Moria: Grodbog-slayer 1 There are loads of bugs at
the Chittering Hole in Redhorn Lodes or in the Palace of
Nain in the Great Delving
Moria: Arms of the Watcher 1 Multiple runs of the Vile
Enedwaith: Dunlending-slayer 1 The camps around Echad
Dagoras are a good place for this one
Dunland: Exploring the Gravenwood 1 Find all the PoIs in
Gravenwood, which you will complete when you do all the
quests there
Dunland: Quests in the Isendale 1 Complete 34 quests in the
Isendale. You'll need to do some Pit of Iron repeatables
for this


Deed Value Where to Go
A little extra Might goes a long
way, and pairing it with Resistance rating makes it handy
for tanks. Loads of non-combat morale regeneration makes
for less waiting to recharge between fights. These are
mostly slayer deeds, except for the ones in late-game
areas. (Top)
Bree-land: Neekerbreeker-slayer 1 Midgewater Marsh
Bree-land Woodsman 1 The trees at the south end of the Barrow-downs count for
this one

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198774" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Fortitude" />

Shire: Harvest-fly Slayer 1 The Yale Height, a hill near Stock
North Downs: Troll-slayer 1 Loads of weak trolls in the hills of Taur Gonwaith
Lone-lands: Warg-slayer 1 No prime spots for this, but wargs can be found in Minas
Eriol, Weather Hills, Nain Enidh and Talath Gaun
Trollshaws: Giant-slayer 1 They call it Giant Valley for a reason...
Misty Mountains: Bear-slayer 1 Western Bruinen Source has lots of bears
Evendim: Gauradan-slayer 1 The hills north of the Eavespires camp
Evendim: Brutes from the North 1 Lots of Gorthorog trolls around Tyl Annun
Forochel: Sabre-tooth Slayer 1 The road to the battle-camp at Pynti-leiri
Moria: Warg-slayer 2 They're thickest in Zirakzigil; goblin warg-riders also
count for this deed
Moria: Blinded By Fire 1 Trolls in the Forges of Khazad-dum
Mirkwood: Into the Black and Twisted Forest
1 Complete 20 quests in Southern Mirkwood - this one goes
by fairly fast
Dunland: Exploring the Heathfells 1 Find locations in the Heathfells - you'll complete this
by doing all the quests there
Dunland: Quests in the Heathfells 1 Do 30 quests in the Heathfells; you'll need to do some
Pit of Iron repeatables for this one


to Go
This one is good for any class
because of the big boost to Vitality. The extra power and
increased armor value help also. Loyalty is largely earned
by doing lots of quests and exploring, but there are a few
slayer-type deeds as well. (Top)
Bree-land: Bree-land Adventurer (Final) 2 Complete 45 quests in Bree-land
North Downs: Of Glories Long Past (Final) 2 Complete 45 quests in North Downs

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198780" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Loyalty" />

Trollshaws: Deeds in the Wilderness (Advanced) 1 Complete 20 quests in the Trollshaws
Evendim: The City of Kings 1 Find 8 PoIs in Annuminas
Angmar: Marching Into Shadow 1 Complete 10 quests in Angmar
Angmar: The City of Orcs 1 Find PoIs in Urugarth
Eregion: Craban-slayer 1 The Roosting Tree in Pend Eregion
Moria: Nud-melek 2 Find PoIs in Nud-melek
Moria: the Hounds of Skumfil 1 Cave-claws and deep-claws in Skumfil; running the
Minstrel class quest a few times helps, otherwise you'll
be here a while
Moria: Villains of the Grand Stair (Part 2) 1 Kill the last 4 bosses of the Grand Stair (Beast, Beast
Tamer, Nardur, Igash)
Mirkwood: Into the Black and Twisted Forest 1 Complete 10 quests in Southern Mirkwood
Dunland: Beast-slayer 1 Beasts are everywhere in Dunland, but the ones in the
north are easiest


to Go
If Vitality is a priority, this
virtue is okay. The boost to tactical mitigation makes it
excellent if you plan on fighting anything that uses fire,
shadow, lightning or cold-based attacks. Fidelity is
earned largely through exploration deeds, but there are a
few slayer deeds in the mix as well. (Top)
Shire: Sights of the Shire 1 Find PoIs in the Shire
Ered Luin: Scouting the Dourhands 1 Find Dourhand strongholds

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198773" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Fidelity" />

Lone-lands: Defences of the Lone-lands 1 Find PoIs in the Lone-lands
Trollshaws: The Road to Rivendell 1 follow the road from the Last Bridge to Rivendell
Evendim: Ruins of Evendim 1 Find PoIs in Evendim
Evendim: Tombs of Evendim 1
Angmar: the Circle of Despair 1 Find the PoIs in a ring around Barad Gularan
Forochel: Dourhand-slayer 1 The Dourhands are in the Icereave Mines near Zigilgund
Eregion: Ring-lore of Eregion 1 Find a shopping list of pages of ring-lore by looting
rubble and bodies throughout Eregion
Moria: the Silvertine Lodes 1 Find PoIs in Silvertine Lodes
Moria: Eastern Durin's Way 1 Find PoIs in the morroval area in eastern Durin's Way
Moria: Intruders in the Vault 1 Kill mobs in the Fogotten Treasury - requires multiple
Moria: Tamers of the Vile Wargs 1 Goblins in the Grand Stairs - requires multiple runs
Mirkwood: Dead-slayer 1 The barrows in southeast Scuttledells, or in Ashenslades
Dunland: Dunlending-slayer 1 Dunlendings are everywhere in Dunland.


to Go
There's simply no arguing
against the big chunk of morale that this virtue adds.
Extra non-combat morale regeneration means less downtime
between fights, and there's a sniff of Might thrown in for
flavor. Be ready to kill a lot of orcs, goblins, trolls
and worms. (Top)
Bree-land: Orc-slayer 1 Any of the orc camps north of Bree
Shire: Goblin-slayer 1 The goblin camps in the Greenfields area

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198784" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Valour" />

Ered Luin: Troll-kicker 1 Sarnur - the trolls in the main part are easiest
Lone-lands: Goblin-slayer 1 Minas Eriol
Lone-lands: Orc-slayer 1 The ruins across the road from Ost Guruth
Trollshaws: Worm-slayer 1 Cirith Ulunn
Misty Mountains: Troll-slayer 1 The loop in the southwest Giant Halls
Angmar: the Trolls of Urugarth 1 Urugarth, right at the front
Angmar: Worm-slayer 1 Salgaite
Angmar: the Champions of Carn Dum (Final) 1 Bosses in Carn Dum
Moria: Spider-slayer 1 Skumfil
Moria: Worm-slayer 2 Tanunshush in the Flaming Deeps
Moria: the Foundations of Stone 1 Find PoIs in the Foundations of Stone
Lothlorien: City of the Lord and Lady 1 Find PoIs in Calas Galadhon
Mirkwood: Evil Strongholds of Mirkwood 1 Find PoIs in Mirkwood


to Go
Dispensing frontier justice to
the villains of Middle-earth is a real morale-booster, and
so is the Virtue. A good chunk of morale, and both
in-combat and non-combat morale regeneration are your
reward. Justice deeds are mostly of the slayer type. (Top)
Bree: Brigand-slayer 1 Ruins in Chetwood
Shire: Brigand-slayer 1 Narrowcleeve in Green Hill Country

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198779" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Justice" />

Ered Luin: Brigand-slayer 1 Brigands in Ered Luin are of the Dourhand variety -
Kheledul is a good place for this.
Ered Luin: Betrayer's Bane 1 Dourhands in Sarnur in the main chamber
North Downs: Orc-slayer 1 Orc camps west of Esteldin
Misty Mountains: Warg-slayer 1 Caldwell Pool
Evendim: Goblin-slayer 1 Tum Fuin, north of Ost Forod
Angmar: Angmarim-slayer 1 Fasach-falroid and Donnvail
Eregion: Half-orc Slayer 1 Barad Morlas, the ruins west of Echad Eregion
Eregion: The Pale Followers 1 Lots of Pale Folk in the Library of Tham Mirdain -
several runs required
Moria: Goblin-slayer 1 Gamil Filik in Silvertine Lodes
Moria: Strength of the Enemy 1 Orc-fighters in Fil Gashan - several runs required
Moria: The Corpse-beasts of Skumfil 1 Kergrim in Skumfil - several runs required
Mirkwood: Sorcerer-slayer 1 Sad Doldur, Minas Gil
Enedwaith: Half-orc Slayer 1 Prowling the hills between Lhanuch and Harndirion
Dunland: Quests in the Dunbog 1 Do all the quests in the Dunbog


to Go

has been updated since Rise of Isengard. It now offers a
huge chunk of morale, plus good physical mitigation and
armor value. Zeal is earned mostly via slayer deeds. (Top)

Bree-land: Brood-hunter 1 Spiders in the
mini-dungeons in the Northern Barrow-downs
Ered Luin: Goblin-slayer 1 Orodost


alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Zeal" />

Ered Luin: Spider-slayer 1 The webbed area beside the Southern Barricade in Rath
North Downs: Goblin-slayer 1 Use a deed accelerator and prowl the Greenway
Trollshaws: Troll-slayer 1 Western hills and ruins just north of the South
Misty Mountains: Giant-slayer 1 Giant Halls
Evendim: Kergrim-slayer 1 Men Erain, or in any of the Annuminas instances
Angmar: Orc-slayer 1 Orc camps in Maethad
Forochel: Worm-slayer 1 The hot springs north of Zigilgund
Moria: Dragonet-slayer 1 The puzzle room south of Gamil Filik
Moria: Bulwarks of the Enemy 1 Find all the instance entrances in Moria
Moria: Corruption in Command 1 Defeat the 3 bosses in the Sixteenth Hall
Moria: Orcs of the Forge 1 Kill orcs in the Forges of Khazad-dum
Enedwaith: Wood-troll Slayer 1 Wood-trolls in the Mournshaws
Dunland: Exploring Carreglyn 1 Find PoIs in Carreglyn
Dunland: Quests in the Bonevales 1 Complete quests in the Bonevales


to Go
This is a good tanking virtue -
big resistance and physical mitigation, and non-combat
power regeneration for less downtime between fights.
Charity is mainly earned by completing many quests and
exploration. (Top)
Bree-land: Bree-land Adventurer (Advanced) 1 Do lots of quests in Bree-land
Ered Luin: Ally of Ered Luin 1 Do lots of quests in Ered Luin

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198767" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Charity" />

Ered Luin: Hero of Ered Luin 2
North Downs: Of Glories Long Past (Advanced) 1 Do lots of quests in the North Downs
Lone-lands: Tales of the Lonely Road 1 Do lots of quests in the Lone-lands
Angmar: the Minions of Wisdan (Advanced) 1 Defeat many Angmarim in Barad Gularan - requires several
Forochel: Forochel Expeditionary 1 Do many quests in Forochel
Eregion: Silent and Restless (Intermediate) 1 Do many quests in Eregion
Moria: Deep Delver 1 Do many quests in the Moria Deeps
Moria: Defilers of the Forgotten Treasury 1 Kill many defilers in the Forgotten Treasury - requires
several runs
Moria: Hero of the Upper Levels 1 Do lots of quests in the Upper Levels
Moria: The Vile Maw 1 Defeat the Watcher in the Water in Book II Volume 1,
Book II Volume 4 and the Vile Maw instance
Enedwaith: Mysteries of Enedwaith (Intermediate) 1 Do lots of quests in Enedwaith
Dunland: Exploring the Starkmoor 1 Find PoIs in the Starkmoor
Dunland: Quests of Dunland 1 Complete all 10 quest-completion deeds in Dunland
Dunland: Goblin-slayer 1 Kill many goblins


to Go
An excellent tanking-type virtue
with outstanding physical mitigation. Tactical mitigation
and non-combat power regeneration are nice extras.
Compassion is another one that is mainly earned by
questing and exploration. (Top)
Shire: the Life of a Bounder 1 Complete lots of quests in the Shire - mail and pies!
Ered Luin: Defender of Ered Luin 1 Complete lots of quests in Ered Luin

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198768" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Compassion" />

Lone-lands: Tales of the Lonely Road (Advanced) 1 Complete lots of quests in the Lone-lands
Misty Mountains: Peril of the Mountains 1 Complete lots of quests in the Misty Mountains
Evendim: Wanderer of Evendim 1 Complete lots of quests in
Evendim: Warden of Evendim 1
Angmar: Allies of the Enemy 1 Kill many hillmen in Barad Gularan over the course of
several runs
Forochel: Forochel Pioneer 1 Do lots of quests in Forochel
Eregion: Silent and Restless (Advanced) 1 Do lots of quests in Eregion
Eregion: Invaders of Tham Mirdain (Complete) 1 Kill bosses in the Library, School and Ring-forges of
Tham Mirdain (meta-deed)
Moria: Adventurer of the Upper Levels 1 Do lots of quests in the Upper Levels
Moria: Globsnaga-slayer 1 Foundations of Stone
Moria: Brutes of the Grand Stair 1 Trolls in the Grand Stair
Mirkwood: Orc and Uruk-slayer 1 Lots of Orcs and Uruks in the Mirkeaves area
Dunland: Exploring Pren Gwydh 1 Find PoIs in Pren Gwydh
Dunland: Slayer of Dunland 1 Complete all 9 slayer deeds
in Dunland - you only need the title deeds to complete


to Go
Innocence is a twin of
Compassion - big physical mitigation and a smidgen of
tactical mitigation, plus a healthy does of resistance
rating. (Top)
Shire: Life of a Bounder (Final) 2 Deliver every letter and pie in the Shire
Trollshaws: Deeds in the Wilderness 1 Do lots of quests in the Trollshaws

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198778" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Innocence" />

Misty Mountains: Peril of the Mountains (Final) 2 Do lots of quests in the Misty Mountains
Evendim: Pilgrim of Evendim 1 Do lots of quests in Evendim
Evendim: Leaders of the Invasion (Advanced) 1 Kill the bosses of the Annuminas instances
Angmar: Ancient Evil of Carn Dum 1 Kill morroval and such in Carn Dum
Moria: Stalwart of the Central Levels 1 Do lots of quests in the Central Levels
Moria: Defender of the Upper Levels 1 Do lots of quests in the Upper Levels
Moria: Morroval-slayer 2 Eastern Durin's Way
Moria: Legends of the Deep 1 Do lots of quests in the Moria Deeps
Moria: the Horrors with Many Legs 1 Gredbyg in Skumfil - requires several runs
Lothlorien: Orc-slayer 1 The orc camps northwest of Cerin Amroth
Dunland: Exploring the Bonevales 1 Find PoIs in the Bonevales
Dunland: Quests in Carreglyn 1 Do all the quests in the Bonevales


to Go
A must-have for Hunters and
other Agility-based characters, this one also offers a
nice chunk of in-combat morale regeneration and a dash of
extra morale. Mostly earned by killing beasts and crawly
things. (Top)
Bree: Barghest-slayer 1 Northern Barrow-downs
Shire: Slug-slayer 1 Rushock Bog

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198770" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Determination" />

Ered Luin: Wolf-slayer 1 Nen Hilith
North Downs: Warg-slayer 1 Base of the mountains in the north of Nan Amlug
Trollshaws: Crawler-slayer 1 Run a patrol between Cirith Ulunn (while working on the
Worm-slayer deed) and Echad Candelleth
Misty Mountains: Snow-beast
1 Iskeld's Lookout
Evendim: Salamander-slayer 1 Tyl Ruinen
Angmar: Warg-slayer 1 Fasach-larran
Eregion: Lizard and Crawler-slayer 1 Hills around Emyn Naer
Eregion: Uruk-captains of Eregion 1 These are the bosses at the ends of the quest chains at
the different settlements. Logon is at the end of the cave
in Sad Thareg
Eregion: Mercenaries of the White Hand 1 Kill Dunlendings in Tham Mirdain - School or Ring-forges
Moria: Orc-slayer 1 Basically everywhere
Moria: Overseers of the Forge 1 Goblins in the Forges of Khazad-dum
Moria: Slaves to the Forge 1 Bosses in the Forges of Khazad-dum
Dunland: Quests in Pren Gwydh 1 Do all the quests in Pren Gwydh


to go
Lots of Fate means more
in-combat power regeneration and more critical hits, plus
it has extra resistance rating and a small boost to Will.
Idealism comes from a lot of lore-based deeds and a little
bit of killing. (Top)
Bree: the History of the Dunedain 1 Find stuff in the ruins around Bree-land
Bree: Flowers of the Old Forest 1 Find the flowers in the Old Forest

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198777" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Idealism" />

Lone-lands: Tales of the Lonely Road (Final) 2 Do lots of quests in the Lone-lands
Trollshaws: Deeds in the Wilderness (Final) 2 Do lots of quests in the Trollshaws
Angmar: Marching into Shadow (Advanced) 1 Do lots of quests in Angmar
Forochel: Gauradan-slayer 1 The battle camps at Hylje-leiri, Norsu-leiri,
Pynti-leiri and Karhu-leiri
Eregion: Soldiers of the Enemy 1 Orcs in Tham Mirdain
Moria: Heart of the Enemy 1 Bosses in Fil Gashan
Moria: Leaders of the Hive 1 Bosses of Skumfil
Moria: Wanderer of the Central Levels 1 Do lots of quests in the Central Levels
Moria: Western Durin's Way 1 Find PoIs in Western Durin's Way
Dunland: Exploring Trum Dreng 1 Find PoIs in Trum Dreng
Dunland: Deeds of Dunland 1 Meta-deed: complete Explorer, Quests and Slayer of
Dunland deeds
Dunland: Orc-slayer 1 Southeast Dunland and the Gap of Rohan


to Go
A big boost to Will and
in-combat power regeneration will help overcome power
issues, plus it has a dash of resistance rating. Wisdom
comes from expansion of the mind - lore and exploration
deeds - and also senseless violence. (Top)
Bree: the Old Forest 1 Find PoI's in the Old Forest
Bree: Lore of the Cardolan Prince 1 Collect scraps of lore by looting corpses in the

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/198785" alt="LotRO Deeds & Virtues - Wisdom" />

Ered Luin: Elf-ruins Exploration 1 Find PoIs in Ered Luin
Lone-lands: Weathertop Exploration 1 Find PoIs around Weathertop
North Downs: The Western Ruins 1 Find PoIs in the North Downs
Misty Mountains: The High Passes 1 Find PoIs in the Misty Mountains
Evendim: Invaders from Angmar 1 Kill bosses around Annuminas
Forochel: the Battle for Forochel 1 Find the battle camps in Forochel
Eregion: the Ruins of Eregion 1 Find PoIs in Eregion
Eregion: Warriors of the Enemy 1 Kill uruks in Tham Mirdain - School, Library or
Moria: the Redhorn Lodes 1 Find PoIs in Redhorn Lodes
Moria: Glow-worm Slayer 1 Dark Delvings
Moria: Followers of Igash 1 Kill orcs in the Grand Stair
Moria: Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall 1 Rather self-explanatory
Dunland: Craban-slayer 1 The crazy hermit dude near Galtrev has lots of craban

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