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style="font-weight: bold;">The Awakening I

- Mage -

I. The Awakening

II. Rescue Arias

III. Return to Cramaleico

IV. The Sorceress

V. Dead Men and Lotus Dreams

VI. Return to Mithrelle

VII. The Sorceress’ Secret

  • Speak with Cramaleico


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"Mithrelle intends to use the eyeball, trinket and the Lotus blossom to scry the name of the leader of the Resistance! I have to warn Cramaleico immediately!" style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(120, 102, 85);"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/33807"
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Speak with Cramaleico

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Inform Cramalieco of Mitrelle's plot.

Mithrelle informs you that she will use the items you have brought her to unlock the memory contained within the item. By using the items memory she plans to gain the name of the leader of the rebellion for Strom to execute in public. With this new information, return to the Thirsty Dog Inn and tell Cramaleico of Mithrelle’s plan.

Once you inform Cramaleico he will have Tina send a Rogue to mess things up a bit. He will instruct you to lay low to avoid being connected to the activity and ensure the safety of your apprenticeship with Mitrelle.

Note: This will complete The Awakening I and grant you the next series of quests known as “Letter to the King I.”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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