Nidalee is arguably one of the more popular champions (especially for Aram) because of her extremely long ranged, high damage spear attack that can chunk enemy champions for half their health. As with most high damage champions she is pretty light, and can quickly be killed if she gets caught in the middle of a team fight. To make up for this Nidalee's cougar form allows her to quickly escape from attackers, and her "E" is a pretty powerful heal that can also be used on teammates.

While she's got a lot of things going for her, the different forms she can take on (cougar and humanoid) and her primary attack being a skill shot can make her a bit of a challenge to play. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Leading Targets

Common sense stuff, if a target is moving aiming where it is at the moment will guarantee a miss. Study your enemies movements so that you can better predict their direction. Do they tend to juke left every time they are attacked? Do they often fake right only to go left? These are things you should be looking for when facing an opponent.

Mobile Warfare

One of Nidalee's biggest strengths is that she is almost impossible to catch thanks to her cougar form leap. Use this to your advantage by kiting enemies with cougar form while switching back to fire a spear. When they are low enough in health, pull a 180 and leap onto them for the killing blow.

Wall Jumping

This one ties into the mobile warfare you will be carrying out, but is important in any situation. Like many other champions with a leap, Nidalee can use it to jump right over certain walls in the jungle to escape or chase down champions. The areas that can be jumped over are the thinnest points in the wall, so load up a custom map and learn all the jumpable areas before diving into the real thing.

Farm Minions in Cougar Form

To maximize the amount of CS you get you should try to farm in cougar form when dealing with groups of minions. Both Nidalee's pounce and swipe deal a good amount of AoE damage and can one shot waves of regular minions once she's gotten her core items.

Use Cover to Snipe

Don't give the enemy a chance to dodge your spears by firing them form the cover of a bush or the fog of war. Her spears also go through obstacles so if you see an enemy champion in range on the other side of the wall let it fly.

Use Traps Liberally

Nidalee's bushwhack ability allows her to place a trap at a target location that last two minutes. When an enemy champion runs over the trap they receive magic damage and are revealed for a few seconds. You're not limited to the amount of traps you can place so make sure you are using them whenever you can. They work great as a sort of ward replacement, an as a trip wire for any stealth champions that are trying to get the jump on you.

Attack Speed

One aspect of Nidalee's Primal Surge that is often overlooked is that it also gives the recipient an attack speed buff. When you're gearing up for a team fight make sure and throw it on your AD carry or other high damage champions to maximize their potential.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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