Rek’Sai the Void Burrower is primarily played as a jungle champion because of her high mobility and Tremor Sense, which will display any nearby enemies via their “sonar ping” to her and her teammates. Because of Rek’Sai’s ability to burrow under the ground, her abilities will change depending on whether she’s on top of or underneath it. Burrowed abilities tend to provide more mobility bonuses while Un-burrowed ones allow you to do a little more damage. You’ll find yourself switching between the two often, depending on the situation.

If you want to add Rek’Sai to your regular rotation, read on for more tips!

Putting the Pressure On

Rek’Sai’s ultimate and ability to lay tunnels anywhere make her a master of mobility. Press this huge advantage whenever you can by ganking often and using your ultimate to come screaming into team fights when the enemy thinks you’re out of the fight.

This mobility is also perfect for jungling. You’ll be moving between camps much faster than the other teams jungler that should give you at least a slight level advantage that you can then use to invade. Creating a chain of tunnels in your own jungle is the key and lends itself to farming faster and getting to lanes to gank quicker.


Tunnels not only allow Rek’Sai to create her own little super highway around the map, they also work as a sort of “blind ward”. When an enemy steps on a tunnel long enough that tunnel will be destroyed. By paying attention to which tunnels go dark, you can get a rough idea of where the enemy is located.

Other important areas you should consider placing tunnels are:

  • Red Buff outer bush to Dragon/ Baron
  • Jungle to river bush
  • Behind each of the lanes for ganking

Counter Jungling

Not many champions are better at counter-jungling than Rek’Sai. Burrow your way into the enemy jungle and then use your Tremor Sense to keep an eye on the enemy jungler. You can then proceed to use her camp clearing awesomeness to wipe out the enemy jungle’s camps without them being any the wiser.

If you’ve got a few tunnels left to spare, place them at key locations like baron/dragon to river or other spots that will allow you future easy access to their jungle.

Team Fights

When it comes to team-fighting your primary objective as Rek’Sai will be to keep your carries alive or killing the enemy carries, depending on how well your team is doing during the fight.

Un-Burrow is Rek’Sai’s primary form of crowd control and can be used to knock-up the entire team if you time it just right. If you can’t land it on the entire team, use it to incapacitate the champions going for your carries. A knock-up should give them enough time to deal some serious damage to them, hopefully killing them.

Maximizing Your Fury Damage

A mistake a lot of new Rek’Sai players will make is using their Ferocious bite before they have built up enough fury. The physical damage done by Ferocious bite scales dramatically by 1% for every 1% increase in her fury. Maximizing her fury before using it not only does more damage, that damage is done in the form of true damage.

The best way to think of Ferocious Bite is as a finisher ability. Use it to secure kills when the enemy is low and you’ve had time to build up your fury.

When Should I use my Ultimate?

In the most general terms, you’ll want to use your ultimate whenever you need to get somewhere fast. Eventually you’ll know what and what isn’t worth ulting for, but for now here is a list of some situations that could justify using it.

  • Ganking a Lane
  • Joining a team fight
  • Contesting objectives or towers
  • Escaping certain death

Sometimes it’s worth ulting just for the fear factor of the sound Rek’Sai makes when she uses it. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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