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In the desolate and volcanic Torden Mires, shelter from Bane attack and
environmental hazards are never taken for granted by AFS personnel.
Fort Haroun is a secure command post providing the mission hub for this
entire zone. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we look at part one of the missions
here providing walkthroughs and Logos locations.

Fortunately, Fort Haroun is a slightly smaller but
well fortified
command post just south of the entrance to Torden Incline and will
provide the necessities required to survive in the zone. Interestingly
enough it will also be one of the largest mission hubs you'll find,
providing a number of objectives to complete. Haroun can be reached by
heading straight south of the Incline entrance until you see a path
over a lava lake. If a Strider squashes you, you've gone too far west
or south get the idea.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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