There's Nothing Like a
Whiff of Sulfur to Lift My Spirits

Do Bane invasions have you stressed? Why not relax a little in Torden
Mires and stop by beautiful Baylor Base?  Situated on a
gorgeous lake of molten lava, the sulfur fumes and occasional
harassment fire from the enemy will rejuvenate your spirits and grant
an appreciation for that mudhole you left. Ten Ton Hammer has
your updated guide to Baylor Base providing mission walkthroughs,
rewards, and Logos locations.

As you progress farther into Tabula Rasa, you'll
notice not only a
change in the geography, but the zones wil become more and more
hostile. Torden Mires is no exception and secure areas are hard to come
by. Baylor Base is a bastion of safety among the hazards and the AFS
stronghold in this area, so become familiar with it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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