No matter how well the laning period went or how fed you are, a bad team fight can quickly turn the tide in the other teams favor. In League of Legends team fights generally start happening in the mid to late game when targets like Dragon and Baron come into the picture and the laning phase is pretty much over. Whether your team comes out with an ace or not depends on a variety of things including how your team composition works together, the items your team members have, which team initiated, communication, and positioning to name a few. In this guide we will be focusing on tips any champ can use in a team fight situation to give their team an edge and make an ace the likely outcome (for your team of course!).

Positioning - Where you place your champion at the beginning and during a team fight will often dictate whether you live or die and whether your team wins or loses the fight. This positioning will change depending on the role you are playing so let's go through them.

If you're a carry you will want to be as far away from the center mass of the fight as you can, while still being in range to pick off your targets. In most matches you will be doing the largest amount of damage on your team so the enemy team is likely going to focus in on you first. If you're being pursued and your support can't peel for you, kite the enemy around the edges of the fight while focusing your damage on the squishier targets.

Assassins have one main job in a team fight, get to the enemy carry and explode them as fast as possible. If you see a team fight coming try to position your self to the side or any other location that get's you access to the carry without having to go through their tank/ support. If the ADC is absolutely unreachable, the next priority is the APC and after that the Bruiser then finally the tank.

A supports job is simple, support your ADC throughout the fight and try to protect them from getting exploded by the assassin and other enemy champs. This is where your support champion's CC and/ or healing abilities come into play big time. When the enemy ADC is down you can sort of relax a little and lend a hand in cleaning up the rest of them.

Tanks and Bruisers (generally melee classes) are the front line of defence and as such are usually right in the thick of it, laying down damage on the squishiest target you can get your hands on while providing a barrier to your squishies. Another common role of the tanks and bruisers is to initiate fights, jumping into the enemy formation and causing havoc while your team moves in to pick them off.

Targeting - Who to kill first can very game to game but generally the rule of thumb is ADC - APC - Bruiser - Support - Tank, aka. kill the champs doing the most damage first. Again this will vary, if the ADC got smacked during the laning phase and doesn't have a full build but the APC is fed, focus the APC first. Supports and tanks are safe to leave for last because they don't usually do a lot of damage and it can take a while to chip their health down.

Communication - Proper communication with your team is essential in TEAM fights, whether it be through voice chat, the in game text chat, or at the very least pings. Let your team know your movements and any enemy movements and when you should be grouped up. Many a team has cursed the champ who didn't get the memo and was farming top while the team fight was happening mid.

Map Awareness - This ties directly in with communication. Map awareness is essential to every facet of League of Legends, and especially team fights. Know when you should stop pushing lanes to group up by looking on the mini-map to see what your team and the enemy team are doing. IS everyone headed to mid? Maybe you should too. Is your team trying to take down dragon without you? You may want to get over there because that is a team fight waiting to happen.

Knowing when to Fold - Not every fight can be won and there is no shame in making a tactical withdrawal in order to fight another day. If your team is at a disadvantage going into a fight (low health, enemy team got the jump on you) it may be the better bet to turn tail and run. That being said, if one person is going to run the whole team has to be on board (preferably before the fight even happens), because leaving your team hanging at the start of a team fight is as good as sealing their fate.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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