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I. The

II. The
Scavenger's Key

III. Freeing
the Captured

IV. Casilda

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I. The
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II. The Acheronian

III. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/25954">The City of

IV. The

V. The

VI. The

VII. The

VIII. Nadini

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killed the slaver. Before he died, he mentioned a key to the locked
gate blocking my way to the city of Tortage. He talked of some strange
beast guarding it, so I better be careful.

The key is nearby, in the strange ruins up the hill. When I have it, I
can return to unlock the gate and continue towards the city."
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style="font-weight: bold;">Find
the gate key

With Saddur dead, head north to find the beast he spoke of. Along the
way you'll encounter many more picts which you'll need to dispose of.
They're not too tough, but there's a lot of them, so take your time.
You'll fight your way through another pict camp, and eventually reach a
gate, beyond which, the demon Saddur told you about will be laying in

Along the way, you may encounter a boss pict, the Bat Pict Shaman. He
is level 4 and will usually drop more loot for you.

Keep heading north, through the archway. There, you'll find the Jungle
Demon Fha'quth, a level four boss encounter. He'll
be guarding an acheronian chest, in which you can find the key.
There will also be a guard or two patrolling the area. Kill the guards,
kill the Fha'quth and get the key. There's also a chest of loot to the
east in this area.

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alt="Bat Pict Shaman" title="Bat Pict Shaman"
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Acheronian Gate

name="unlock_the_acheronian_gate">Unlock the
Acheronian Gate

Once you have the key, you can head back south to
the Acheronian Gate, where you killed Saddur. There are no respawns
here, so what you have killed will still be dead.

Climb the stairs and open the gate. You will then complete this part of
the quest line and move on to the next section: "The City of Tortage."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016