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At launch, The Secret World contains 8 instanced dungeons--each of them filled with fun and challenging boss encounters and very few trash mobs to slog through. We often hear players asking how many dungeons are found in The Secret World, and where and when they can expect to reach them.

We've listed each dungeon along with where it's located and its recommended gear quality level. Funcom's Tor Andersen, who helped us put this info together, says, "The Gear range [for dungeons] is quite fluid, and there are no absolute requirements. A good team with good builds and good cooperation is just as important as the quality level (QL) of gear." Keep that in mind on your travels--the less cohesive and synergized your group is, the more likely you are to face trouble (and need a higher gear level) in a TSW dungeon.

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Level The Polaris
Kingsmouth QL 2-4 Hell Raised
The Savage Coast QL 4-6 The Darkness War  Blue Mountain QL 5-7 The Ankh
The Scorched Desert QL 7-8  Hell Fallen
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God QL 8-9 The Facility
The Besieged Farmlands QL 10 Hell Eternal
The Shadowy Forest QL 10 The Slaughterhouse
The Carpathian Fangs QL 10

Enjoy your experience in The Secret World's impressive dungeons! Do you have any tips for dungeon crawlers? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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