Traditionally Yordles are considered to be a peaceful, happy race who only choose to fight when they absolutely have to. While this definition applies to the majority of the Yordle race, there are some exceptions. The most extreme of these Yordle oddities is Veigar, a dark magic wielding Yordle who loves to use his power to bring pain and suffering to his enemies. These twisted and dark energies allow him to snare his enemies and then unleash devastating magic attacks to quickly shred their health. For those of you new to this dark Yordle, here are some tips on maximizing his potential.

Use Your 'Q' to Last Hit - Veigar's passive causes him to regenerate his mana very quickly so don't be afraid to use your abilities to farm cs. This is especially helpful if you're new to LoL because it gives you a much wider margin of error for last hitting. Not only that but each killing blow you land with Veigar's 'Q' gives him 1 extra AP aded onto his total permanently. Last hit enough minions with 'Q' and by late game you will be flush with AP.

Later in the game after gaining a few items you can use his 'W' to one shot entire waves of minions for extremely easy CS.

Initiate with Event Horizon - Veigar's AoE stun is one of the best in the game, especially when it comes to initiating fights be they team fights or 1v1's in lane. Try to land your stun so that it comes down with the edge right on top of the enemy ensuring an instant lockdown. This may take some practice (especially with smartcast on) so try it out in some bot games until you get the hang of it. Catching an enemy in your stun can mean instant death with a follow up 'W' and "Q'.

Prioritize Your Ult - Many new Veigar players make this mistake so it's worth noting. Veigar's ultimate is especially good at taking out AP champions. In fact it does 80% of the target's AP as damage to them on top of it's base damage. That's a huge chunk of health that's capable of one-shotting many of the squishier AP champs, so make sure and reserve it for the right targets and don't waste it on AD champ.

Play it Safe Early - Veigar is one of the squishiest champs and is pretty close to boot. During the early game you should be focused on farming and landing those last hit 'Q's to maximize your gold and AP. Unless you can catch the enemy laner in your stun or your jungler is coming in for a gank, don't try to harass the enemy champ, just focus on farming. This will all pay off later in the game as all of your shiny new items and extra AP turn you into an AP Assassin.

Roam Away - Event Horizon makes Veigar extremely effective at ganking, so don't be afraid to stray from your lane if you notice a particularly vulnerable target. Just be sure that your path to the other lane is safe as an ambushed Veigar can make for easy pickings. Warding at least one bush around your lane is a great way to prevent any form of gank, and to make sure the way is clear.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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