Twilight Forge Sneak Peek Weekend

If you've wanted to get a look at what's coming up in Module 2, The
Twilight Forge, this weekend may be your chance. Through Wednesday,
players are invited to try out the new content on the Mournlands test
server. Want in? Here's how to apply:

You are invited to apply for a weekend Preview of Module 2. Come
experience the Twilight Forge, play as a Drow, and see the new
features. To apply send an email with the following information to href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]:

1. Your real name

2. Your forum name

3. Your contact email address

4. A paragraph detailing the best experience you had in DDO or the best
bug you found while playing DDO (live or beta)

We will be selecting invitees next Wednesday and sending out
invitations Wednesday night. These invitations will allow you access
starting at 6pm EST on Thursday June 15th and running until 10am EST
Monday June 19th. Good luck and hope to see you on Mournlands next

The application cut-off is Wednesday, June 14, so submit your request

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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