Bounty Bay Online is making its final voyage across the ocean blue. In a recent announcement to the official Bounty Bay Online forums, it was confirmed that the game's servers will officially shut down on September 20th, 2012. A number of in-game events are planned over the next few weeks to give the game a final send-off.

Frogster, the title's publisher, is in the process of being re-branded and merged with Gameforge, who purchased a majority stake in Frogster back in 2010. So this may be one of the many possible changes resulting from this move.

A new FAQ has been posted with details about the shut down and compensation for some players. Read the official announcement below.

Source: Bounty Bay Online Closure Announcement, Last Journey FAQ

Dear BBO Players,

It was in the year 2007 that the mighty Flagship Bounty Bay Online set sail to explore the unknown waters of MMORPG games and enrich them with a hearty “Yarrr” and the thunder of cannons. BBO sailed stalwart through calm seas and gale force storms alike, thanks to the dedicated community of players that came aboard during our journey. Together we discovered Hurricane Island, travelled beyond the Horizon, uncovered the secrets of Atlantis, and prevailed in Raging Seas. However, more than five years of fierce battles on the merciless oceans have taken their toll on this proud vessel, which has meanwhile hoisted the colours of Gameforge, her third banner.

So it lays heavy on our hearts to deliver you this message, that Davy Jones has finally come a-calling: Bounty Bay Online will be discontinued. Our grief is as deep as the unexplored depths of our beloved oceans: we’re not only losing our first and oldest game, but we also have to share this decision with you, our faithful community. However, we can look back fondly on the wonderful, unique voyages that we were able to share with you.

So we would like to invite you on our final journey. We won’t peacefully slip beneath the waves, but instead go out in the blaze and thunder of our cannon fire!

Many events will be coming up in the next weeks, where we will inform you about in a separate announcement in the upcoming days.
We will also give you answers on questions you may have, as well as an overview on what will happen when in the next weeks.

The BBO Team

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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