Rogues Do It From Behind...

Community member Silkfoot posted to the forums seeking
clarification about the effects of Precision and Sneak Attack, and
received it in this post from Turbine dev, DeadlyGazebo:

The intended behavior of
Precision+Sneak Attack:

Add up all the primary damage from the attack: the weapon's damage,
enhancement bonus (the +1 if you have a +1 sword, for example), damage
bonuses from feats and benefits (the +2 from weapon specialization, for
example), favored enemy bonuses if you are a ranger hitting a favored
enemy, sneak attack damage, strength bonus (including the extra if it's
a 2-handed weapon), and the weapon's critical damage (the x2 or x3 or
x4 from crits, _not_ an elemental bonus from a burst weapon). Multiply
the result by 0.5 for precision being on. Then subtract the opponent's
DR if any.

There's more! You can read it, or weigh in on the conversation, [ target="_blank"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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