505 Games and Reverie Studios have announced that Dawn of Fantasy pre-orders are now available through the Reverie website for $29.99 USD with a few added perks. Fans that pre-order the game will receive 70 bonus Influence points, which serves as in-game currency and allows players to exchange Influence for resources such as wood, food, stone, gold and special units or to enhance build rates.

For the more creative players, Reverie is also offering those in beta a chance to use the Dawn of Fantasy Scenario Design Editor, which will also ship with the game at launch and allow players to create their own environments and craft fully usable objects such as stairs, walls bridges and towers and even create free-flowing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes.

Visit the official Dawn of Fantasy website to sign up for the beta and check out the press release and video of the level design process after the break for more.



(Milton Keynes, UK) – 13 September 2011 – Global video game publisher 505 Games and Reverie Studios' Dawn of Fantasy is available to pre-order from the Reverie website, here: http://shop.dawnoffantasy.com

All Dawn of Fantasy pre-orders carry a bonus of 70 Influence points. Influence points are a very important resource. It has the role of in-game currency, granting players the chance to use Influence to buy resources such as wood/gold/food/stone or special units, improve the building rate to reduce your building time. (Influence is more commonly earned through quests in the game.)

The Dawn of Fantasy Scenario Design Editor revolutionizes the design process. This editor enables designers to create their own lush environments and put their imaginations to the test with the ability to craft fully usable custom walls, stairs, bridges, and towers using the advanced rotation and hover tools in combination with the editable walk meshes. You can also design free-flowing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes, to contrive fully-customizable particle effects, blend layered terrain paints, and create and save templates that can be loaded into any map.

For more info on editing capabilities and Dawn of Fantasy head on over to the official site to check out the forums, as well as a video showing the level design process. http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=34

You can still register to take part in the open Beta, here: http://dof.reverieworld.com/openbeta.php

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