Will Torga the Tank Survive DDO?

This entertaining review, written by Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch for target="_blank" href="http://gamerswithjobs.com">Gamers With Jobs,
explores a common question: can Dungeons & Dragons Online hold a
candle to pen-and-paper D&D? Follow the author's progression from
Julesy (age 11) to Julian (age 40) and see how the game holds up:

Torga the Tank enters DDO with a tremendous head start. Because it's
D&D to the core, Torga experiences no adjustment shock--he knows
how to be here. He knows what works, what doesn't work; what has value
and what is worthless.

His world is likewise familiar and vibrant. The setting is a lovingly
crafted representation of a tiny corner of the latest (and best) entry
in the pantheon of canned D&D settings: Keith Baker's Eberron. The
sights are familiar. The politics are well understood. Torga's
ever-evolving backstory has already been written, read, edited and
owned in this world.

Check out href="http://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/24481">My Name is Julesy.
If anything, it's a fun read!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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