Sparkplay Media ran into a bit of funding trouble not too long ago with its MMOG, Earth Eternal. And a few weeks ago the game’s website simply dropped off the face of the Internet. Not an all together unexpected event since Sparkplay's CEO Matt Mihaly stated that the game was being put up for sale and would remain running until the Internet hosting provider shut the service down for non-payment. Well, a few weeks the game and website went poof without so much as a warning. However, in a recent update on the Earth Eternal Facebook page, it seems that there may be life left in the game after all as a possible buyer may have been found. Full backups of the game’s data have been made and the company that is in the process of buying Earth Eternal should be starting it back up again in the near future.

Hi everyone. As you know, Earth Eternal is down. Our ISP pulled the plug for non-payment, which was expected. I wasn't able to give you any warning, unfortunately, because I was at Burning Man and completely out of reach for the week that it went down. Full backups of all the data exist and the company that is in the ...process of buying Earth Eternal will be starting it back up again in the nearish future.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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