Frogster has certainly gained a lot of momentum in recent months and with publishing deals for Runes of Magic already blossoming and bright prospects like TERA and Mythos on the horizon, it's only natural that other companies would begin to see Frogster as a tasty looking acquisition. Gameforge certainly thought so because they upped their bid for Frogster shares last week to $37, winning over the remaining shareholders and giving Gameforge a 60% majority stake in the company. And it seems that things are already changing up at Frogster. Today the publisher dismissed three of its executives from their duties. CFO Ralf Kloppel, CAO Bjorn Koschin, and Frogster America CEO Lars Koschin were all sent packing today. The reason for the dismissal has not been given and no replacement has been named for any of the dismissed parties.

There are no additional details at the moment, but we will update you on any further developments.

(Via Gamasutra)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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