Turbine announced last year that the instance cluster for The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan expansion would be broken down into two parts with the first part releasing back in December and the second with four new raids and a 6-person instance slated to release sometime this year. Turbine posted a new developer blog earlier this week to discuss itemization changes in Update 10. Today Turbine also released a new batch of screenshots and details for the new Update 10 instance cluster. Check out the details below and browse our screenshot gallery for a look at what’s to come with Update 10: Against the Shadow.

Update 10: Against The Shadow Part Two – Coming Soon!

Featuring the second part of the Riders of Rohan instance cluster, Road to Erebor, with these brand new exciting raids:

The Bells of Dale [6-Man Raid]

Even as open war threatens Gondor and Rohan far to the south, allies of Mordor make their advance upon the Lonely Mountain. Travel north to the kingdom of Dale where the cruel Easterlings have already begun their assault. Help Brand ring the city bells and hold the line against enemy forces while the townsfolk begin their retreat to the safety of Erebor.

Road to the Lonely Mountain [12-Man Raid]

With the conflict in Dale now behind, you must protect the people of Dale on their flight to the Lonely Mountain. Seeking to prevent a length siege, the enemy will surely move to crush the exposed defenders before they reach the dwarven stronghold. Gather all your strength for the road to the mountain is long and the enemies are many!

The Fires of Smaug [12-Man Raid]

Safely inside the massive gates of Erebor, the men and dwarves of the north are prepared to withstand a long siege. However, scouts have reported the Easterlings constructing a large pyre near one of the mountain vents that billows with dark, noxious gas. Slay the Easterlings and destroy the pyre before the toxic smoke fills the mountain.

The Battle for Erebor [12-Man Raid]

After weeks of holding back the enemy siege, word reaches the defenders of the Lonely Mountain that the One Ring has been destroyed and the tide is turning in the south. Intent on bringing the siege to an end, the enemy's most powerful soldiers have issued a challenge to the finest defenders beneath the mountain. Become the champions of Erebor and slay the towering Olog-hai, driving the Easterlings from the north forever!

Also featured in Update 10, the “In Their Absence” instances now scale to levels 65 – 85.

Grab your friends and kinsmen and experience the updated "In Their Absence" quest line! From the troubled Northcotton Farms to the shadowy Ost Dunhoth, all instances now scale to accommodate players from levels 65-85. In addition, the Ost Dunhoth raid has been split and balanced as three separate encounters to preserve the challenge but allow players to complete it in an order of their choosing.

Looking for more? Be sure to check out our Update 10 preview with the devs.

Source: Turbine press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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