Development: New Enhancements for Module 2, Part 2 of 4


 New Enhancements

Module 2 will be introducing a number of new enhancements
(purchased with action points) that will let players further customize
and specialize your characters. Almost everyone will be getting some
new enhancements to choose from; this is the second in a four part
series of articles featuring in-depth descriptions of what these new
enhancements are and how they work.

New Enhancements for Rogues

Every Rogue loves to sneak attack. This hallmark of the Rogue will
become even more powerful with new enhancements designed to make Sneak
Attacks more likely to land and able to do more damage. Rogues will be
getting two new lines of enhancements – sneak attack accuracy and sneak
attack training.

Sneak attack accuracy gives you a +N to hit when sneak attacking.
Sneak attack accuracy has three versions, received at levels 3, 6, and
9, giving +1, +2, and +3 respectively to hit. Level 10 characters will
be able to purchase the level 9 enhancement (+3 to hit).

Sneak attack training gives you a +1 to damage when sneak attacking.
There will be one version of sneak attack training at each level,
giving +1 through +10 damage.

But wait! I’m already level 10!

In order to give players who are level 10 the opportunity to swap
out their old enhancements in favor of the new enhancements (and
remember – the enhancements listed here are only the second group of
four) we will be implementing a new experience system for level-capped
players. Once a player achieves level 10 they will begin earning
experience points towards an action point token. This token will give
players the ability to visit a trainer and trade in one of their
current enhancements for a new one. Every time a player gains 20,000
points worth of action point experience, they will gain a new token. It
is important to note that the action point experience gives you the
ability to trade in one of your four enhancements for a new one - it
does not give you additional enhancements on top of the four, nor can
you stockpile more than four action point tokens (just like regular
action points).

What will happen when the level cap is raised?

The action point tokens will go away when you level up, just like
normal action points. So, when the level cap goes up, spend your
remaining action point token to rearrange your benefits, then simply
gain 1XP and talk to a trainer to get to level 11.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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