The auction for 38 Studios game properties was moved from its original November 12th to December 11th, and this week that auction took place as planned. While the initial results remained under wraps, news is finally being revealed about what properties changed hands during the sale. The Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends properties yielded $320,000. It's unclear at the current time what entity purchased the rights to the RTS series.

Unfortunately, Richard J. Land, the appointed receiver for 38 Studios, said that were no acceptable offers for the unfinished MMORPG Copernicus. That doesn't mean that there were none from multiple interested parties, just none within the price range that they would have found acceptable to sell it at. Despite that, Land intends to continue negotiations with interested parties to find a buyer for the property.

Copernicus may still get developed one day in some form or another. But one thing is for sure, the longer this sale takes to complete, the less likely it will be completed at all. Tech moves quick in this industry, and it doesn't take long for something to become irrelevant.

Source: Star Tribune

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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