Sci-Fi Channel Gives DDO a B-

The Sci-Fi  Channel apparently does gaming reviews (did you know
this? I didn't).'s Matt Peckham provides a review of DDO
that is by turns complimentary and unimpressed. In the end, it seems
Peckham's not quite sure what to make of the game. (Sometimes we agree
with you, Matt!) Here's a tidbit:

...if you're patient, not socially phobic and don't mind sequential
questing, then D&D Online
can be a lot of fun. As fun at times as stumbling through a module
offline with a real dungeon master, in fact. Though it can't replicate
that organic sense of a single master editor and several participating
subs, D&D Online compensates by keying descriptive
voice-overs specially written for each dungeon, stuff like "the air
feels damp and chilly, and you hear a scraping sound from somewhere
below." It's amazing how much even a disembodied narrator can alter the
mood with a few lines of text.

Check out the [ href="">complete review].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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