After the initial launch time
flood of box sales begins to dwindle, it's inevitable that a company
will look for ways to boost sales. In the rush to show off the mad
skills of their sales team though, a company can go too far in their href="">offered
incentives. Knocking $10 off the
sales tag for a few days is fine, but tossing an extra 60 days of free
playtime on top of that? That’s just insane.

Limited time double
bonus! Buy Star Trek Online Collector's Edition before 9pm PST on Wed
March 3rd and get FREE SHIPPING (* lower 48 states only) and extra 60
days free!

At a cursory glance, it sounds like a great idea. Offering new players
an extra 60 days of free play (for a total of three months) to buy Star
Trek Online before a predetermined hour on March 3rd? Who wouldn't jump
at the chance to buy, especially if the person in question was already
interested in the game? Absolutely brilliant!

Brilliant that is, right up until the point you realize that you just
told the hundreds of thousands of players that supported you through
beta and the first month of the game being live to go screw themselves.
I have no doubt that no one at Cryptic (even the marketing gurus) had
that intention when this plan was formulated. Unfortunately, as
evidenced by href="">the
wild fire running rampant on the official forums
right now, that aforementioned community certainly feels like they did.

What do you think? Is the community over reacting?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016