World of Warcraft Weekly Roundup


It’s been a busy week for World of Warcraft with Rise of the Zandalari finally hitting live realms. With hours of that, Blizzard started dropping loads of juicy info on patch 4.2, Rage of the Firelands but what else has been happening this week?

World of Warcraft News

The Top Official News Stories This Week

  • Blizzard Releases Rise of the Zandalari Trailer - Yes, it’s major content patch week and that means a trailer. This one landed on YouTube before Blizzard officially released it but now it’s live and well worth watching.
  • New Vol’jin Short Story and Artwork Unveiled - Released to tie-in with Rise of the Zandalari, Blizzard has release another short story focusing on one of the racial leaders. This time it’s the turn of Vol’jin of the Darkspear and it’s a great read, espeically if you have a thing for Trolls.
  • Dev Watercooler - Number of Abilities - Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is back, talking about abilities, the sheer number of them, the size of your spellbook and rotations, rotations, rotations. Check it out!
  • Gobal Q and A #6: Guild Advancement - Blizzard has released the latest patch of answers to the latest Q and A topic, this time focusing on Guild Advancement and includes thorny topics like whether we're ever going to see guild housing.
  • Blizzard Insider Talks to Scott Mercer - Hot on the heels of Rise of the Zandalari came an interesting little interview with Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer on the hows and whys of the latest patch.
  • BlizzCast 16 Released - BlizzCast, the official podcast, has been released with an added bonus. It’s now a vidcast! As this one is devoted to Rage of the Firelands, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase the new content in all it’s moving glory!
  • Blizzard Updates Cataclysm Art Gallery - Everyone loves the amazing artwork from Blizzard’s expansive artwork and the Cataclysm gallery has once again been updated with eight pieces of lovely artwork from the latest expansion.

World of Warcraft Creative Corner

Awesome Stuff Created by the WoW Community

Fan art:
  • New Warcraft Fan Art - This week, the Blizzard Fan Art Section on the official site has been updated with eight new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe. We especially love this retelling of Azerothian lore in stained glass and this night elf working a little magic.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016