WAR Goblin Shaman Guide

Goblin Shaman Guide
Goblin Shaman Guide

Overview: The Shaman pays homage to the god Gork by damaging his enemies with magics. He honors the god Mork through the use of healing and support magic. The deliberate balance of the two is what defines and confines the Shaman. To be his best, he must walk a fine line and dabble in both types of spell casting, meaning he will never be the best at either type. The result is a very versatile warrior who can adapt his tactics to the situation to cause most chaos and bedlam.

  • Versatility to switch from ranged DPS to healing.
  • Very desirable in RvR.
  • Skillful multi-tasking is rewarded by game mechanics.
  • Very low defenses and health.
  • Easy target in RvR.
  • Unskilled play results in a serious decline in effectiveness

Shaman Quick Info
Faction: Destruction
Race: Goblin
Role: Healer/Ranged DPS
Armor: Light (robes)
Primary Weapons: Staves
Primary Stats: Willpower, Intelligence
Mythic's Official Shaman Description

“Sticks 'n' stones'll break my bones, but Gork and Mork'll smash yer 'ead to bits if'n you don't sod off you big bugger!” 
- Gahzbag, Goblin Shaman telling off a Giant

The Shaman builds up the power of one kind of magic by using the other kind. That is, she makes her healing better by using offensive spells. Because of this, she must learn to weave the two types of magic to get the desired results. A Shaman who focuses only on damage will do less than a Shaman who uses both damage and healing spells.

The Shaman deals elemental damage, both in direct blasts and over time, or debuff enemies to make them easier prey for the forces of Destruction. He can buff allies against the elements and heal them in quick bursts or in a steady trickle.

PvE Overview

Shamans are welcome any group because of their versatility. They can provide the extra heal that keeps the tank alive when the main healer's skills are stretched to their limits. They can add the extra bit of damage that drops a foe when another healer would not be as effective.

Following the path of Gork (damage) greatly boosts healing skills, too. Likewise, following the path of Mork (healing) can be a boon to his offense. the path of Da Green strikes a steady balance between the two.
RvR Overview

The roles of the Shaman in RvR play is to cause as much chaos as possible. The Shaman can debuff toughness on Order tanks to make them die faster. She can steal Intelligence from Order casters to reduce their damage while increasing her own. She can add an extra heal to supplement other Destruction healers and frustrate the enemy. She can even help kill foes with her elemental magic.

Shamans should be some of the busiest characters in the battle, mixing debuffs and damage with heals and buffs. The most important thing is to stay behind the front line and be a total pest.

Shaman Mastery Paths
Path of Mork:  This path is primarily focused on healing and restoring the Shaman's allies. As he casts spells from this path, the Shaman builds up the power of Mork's WAAAGH!, which he can then use to fling swift and powerful offensive magic. Because of this, many an enemy who dismissed a Morkish specialist as unthreatening has quickly learned a brutal - and fatal - lesson.

Path of Gork:  A specialist in this path prefers to destroy his enemies first, and tend to his allies later. By blasting his enemies into oblivion, the Shaman builds up the power of Gork's WAAAGH!, which can then be used to hasten and improve his healing magics.

Path of Da Green:  Not wanting to get caught between Gork and Mork, a master of this path simply declares that green is best, and promptly goes about making his allies even greener and better than they were before. Naturally, anyone who isn't green must be put into their place, and a specialist in this path is equally adept at crippling and hindering his enemies as well.

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