The Chronicles of Spellborn – Guide to Warrior Disciplines

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In The Chronicles of Spellborn, players will start their adventures as one of three main archetypes: Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior. Upon reaching level 5, new Disciplines become available for each archetype – think of these as Spellborn’s version of subclasses. While each individual Discipline will focus on a set of unique abilities and skills, elements of the core archetype will remain throughout the leveling experience. To help players new to the world of Spellborn with their initial Discipline selections, we’ve put together a series of handy guides detailing the strengths and unique abilities of each potential path.

The third guide to Discipline selection in The Chronicles of Spellborn focuses on the Warrior archetype’s three unique paths; Adept, Bloodwarrior or Wrathguard. Much like Rogues and Spellcasters, the Warrior Disciplines each offer a distinct way of playing within the archetype, allowing players to build a Warrior best suited to their individual playstyle.

Masters of arms and close combat, Warriors use their brutal strength and intimate knowledge of a wide array of combat situations to turn any battle to their favor. Mistaking these skilled fighters for mere brutes has been the downfall of many a foolish assailant. From the blood link of the Bloodwarrior, the pure rage of the Adept, to the spirit possession of the Wrathguard, one will never encounter a more skilful force of raw power then a warrior!


A product of the new age beyond the Great Collapse, the Adept did not come into being until decades later. As the old ways of the Warrior proved to be either lost or inapplicable, there was a group of Warriors that concluded it was time to start anew; time to explore this strange new existence in the Deadspell Storm and from it draw a new Discipline.

Through different stances an Adept can change his view, focus and mindset to correspond to whatever challenge is ahead of him; even if this challenge is still unknown. Count on change, adapt or die. This mantra is at the very core of the Adept Discipline.

Strengths: The Adept is a Discipline for survivors and explorers. If you need to get in and out of combat quickly, the way of the Adept is certainly an efficient route. In general, Adapts favor their independence and make natural soloers.

Unique Ability: Stances

Bodyslots: Available from Soul Shop Preceptor Ellen Pernok


Double Edge
5 Damage over time on target when hit and on skill user
when missed. User Startable.

Dance of
10 Each melee attack also deals damage to characters close
to your target. User Startable.

Eyes of the
15 Increase ranged damage done and melee damage received.
Decrease melee damage done. User Startable.


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