Exclusive Alganon Class Interview #3 - The Magus

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Raining fire from the heavens. Freezing your enemies in place. Lancing enough static electricity through an enemy to make all their fur stand on end. These are the attacks of Alganon’s Magus, and Ten Ton Hammer is pleased to present details on this class in our third exclusive interview with Quest Online’s System Designer, Hue Henry. We’ve already touched upon the Soldier and the Ranger, so this magically proficient, AoE destroyer seemed to be the perfect fit for this interview. Want to learn how you to melt the faces off your enemies in Alganon? Keep on reading!

Ten Ton Hammer: Concerning equipment, what will a standard Magus be wearing when he/she goes into combat? Robes and a staff? Or are we going to see some heavily armored Magus?

A Magus is a "glass cannon." They are limited to the light armor set. For the most part, this will be robes and either a staff, or a dagger and an offhand item. However, since Alganon uses the categories of light, medium, and heavy armor, it is possible that we can see mages in lightweight magical metal that looks very different than the robes we are used to, but performs the same in combat.

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