Alganon Class Interview #4 - The Healer

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Despite their complexities, hundreds of studios all across the world love taking shots at developing massively multiplayer online games. Even independent developers are willing to take the plunge, and thus the Quest Online team is preparing to unleash their upcoming fantasy-themed MMO Alganon to an awaiting public.

The game aims to be as feature rich and content deep as games like World of Warcraft. The developers working on Alganon have an addictive passion that's easily displayed in their candid answers to our interview questions. There are currently four classes being released at launch with additional classes making their appearance sometime afterward.

In the fourth class interview for Alganon, the Ten Ton Hammer staff explores the Healer class. While it may seem like a mild mannered health bestower at first, the Healer actually packs quite the punch in Alganon and should be some fun to play when you get the chance. Have a look

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Ten Ton Hammer: Where does the Healer fit into the lore of Alganon? Are these individuals trained to be Healers from the moment of their birth, or are they chosen by divine beings to aid the defenseless and heal the weak?

Hue Henry: A Healer is more than just a student of the healing arts. Chosen by the gods, these individuals were born with an innate control over the life energy that flows through all living things. Although they are free to worship any god they wish, the Healers of the Asheroth were chosen before birth, and gifted by Triasha, the goddess of Life, with the power to heal the weak and cure the sick. As children, they are trained by the various temples to use this talent to its utmost. However, with the power over life, they also gain the ability to remove that life. Healers can learn to master the spirits, and use their gifts to end life as well.

Kujix Healers, on the other hand, are chosen by Vakgarr, the god of Change, and granted the power to control the ultimate form of change - Death. These chosen ones hold the reigns of death in their hands, and can choose either to use this power to bring death, or to postpone it. Although their sources of power are very different, the end result is the same: A Healer, regardless of whether they are Asheroth or Kujix, holds control over life and death and wields these powers to exactly the same effect.

Ten Ton Hammer: The Healer has some very interesting traits, foremost of which is the "Trance" action. Do you worry that players might abuse the "Trance" trait and give them an unfair advantage over other players? How are you balancing the Healers who are more proficient with the Trace action?

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Henry: The Trance action makes a Healer a valuable single target Healer, capable of both small, rapid-fire heals, and powerful single-target heals that are many times more powerful than when not in the Trance state. However, these faster, more powerful heals come at a cost - they will draw large amounts of the Healer's focus.

Healers will want to go into the Trance state when they need to heal a single target against a powerful enemy - like when engaged in a boss encounter, or otherwise partnered with a tank that can protect them, and one or more DPS classes who can help to end the fight quickly.

If a Healer finds herself in a situation with many friends to heal, or is faced with a long battle where conservation of focus is necessary for survival, then she will want to avoid going into a Trance, as the excess focus cost may prove to be too much for her to handle (A Healer with no focus is no Healer at all!). The Trance state allows the same Healer to heal fights where big heals are needed and fights where focus conservation is the key to victory.

All Healers, no matter what specialization they choose, can enter the Trance state and provide the right type of healing needed to keep a tank alive during a raid boss encounter. However, if they wish to be most effective at healing large numbers of players at the same time - commonly known as raid healing - they will want to specialize in Divination.

Ten Ton Hammer: The Trance and the Deathwalk Traits seem very similar. What's the major difference between the two? Will players be able to use Deathwalk and Trance at the same time?

Henry: Deathwalk is the DPS stance for a Healer. By focusing their control over life on the taking thereof, the Healer is able to deal out large amounts of damage per second - equal to the damage output of the Magus. The majority of this damage is done via instant cast damage-over-time spells, which allow them the draw the life from multiple opponents at the same time.

It is not possible to Deathwalk and Trance at the same time - much like a Soldier's stances, they are mutually exclusive.


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