League of Legends Hero Guides - Udyr

Updated Sat, Nov 13, 2010 by Stow

While being one of the most difficult heroes to play in the league, Udyr also is one of the most rewarding. Pick him, and you will settle the war you're engaged in with your fists! But will that be enough? We give you the tips and tricks necessary to understand and thrive with one of the premier neutral camp killers of the game!

If there is a crowd of creeps that needs to be farmed, Phoenix it up. If there is a big team fight and your team has a way to keep them in place so you can get in the middle and light yourself on fire, this is the stance to hit. The earlier you level this stance up the faster you will clear the jungle out. It’s outstanding for clearing smaller creep camps in seconds and killing the smaller creeps at the larger camps without even attacking them directly.

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