Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Mission Guides Part Seven: Final Missions

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StarCraft II Mission Guides

Final Missions

This is it, the home stretch. Three missions remain between you and success. These missions are difficult and failure can happen rather easily.

Planetfall Guide

Reward: Ultralisk Evolution Mission


Zerg Drop-Pods will arrive gradually and over a wide area. Be prepared to divide your forces across a large battlefield.” What this means is be sure to make a lot of Drones to make plenty of Spine Crawlers and Spore Launchers and watch out for free units dropping in and around the map.

Planetfall Base Construction

This is where it gets difficult. If you’ve read my guides I’ve said “easy” a ton of times, but these last few missions are hard. I’m talking REALLY hard. I’m talking not a cake walk. I didn’t have to reset the map, but getting all of the achievements the first pass was tough. For some you may want to focus on one achievement at a time and replay it – especially if you’re having trouble defending the Bile Launchers and attacking the gates.

Anyway, this is how the mission works. You’re given a base and some units. Go ahead and move these units to the first landing spot and work on your economy / base design. What I do? I put a hatchery at every Bile Launcher to spawn Spawnlings / troops at if needed, to help defend. It actually saved me a few times, but you don’t specifically have to (although get a Hatchery or two extra going).

Map of Bile Launcher landings

Alright, so when the first one lands, you’ll get two Spine Crawlers and a Creep Tumor, complimentary. The next one will target east of your base. You’ve got to start making some choices. The third one is going to land north of your base. The fourth is going to land at the mineral field northwest of your base. The last one will land outside of the northeastern expansion.

Defending the Bile Launchers won’t be too difficult, the gates is where the difficulty comes. You don’t have a ton of time before the fifth Bile Launcher lands and you need to clear out all three gates. If you haven’t done the evolution missions, then there might be some added problems. Like, for me, I had the Banelings that could cliff jump and swarmed one of the gates with a flood of Banelings, which made it a bit easier, but I still came in with about 1:30 to spare.

What I suggest doing is taking the western expansion early, that’s going to get you additional income (on a map where you’ll run out of Minerals before the final Bile Launcher lands) and is the path to the first gate you should probably take out. From there, start softening up the second gate in the middle while building up that base and establishing defenses (the third Bile Launcher should have landed around this point). Before the fourth lands, push towards the middle gate and take it out.

After the fourth Bile Launcher has landed and is defended, push the final eastern gate. That one is easier than the one in the middle, because you should be clearing out that expansion (where it’s going to land thereabouts). Just push all of your units there.

At random intervals, various events will trigger where the enemies will push back. The reason I built Hatcheries at each of the Bile Launchers is to build Swarmlings to help defend along with drones and random units. If you’re not doing that, then I suggest you leave some Hydralisks or other random units around to help take care of their defense while you’re out on the assault.

After the last gate is down and the fifth Bile Launcher lands, you’ll need to push into the northeast corner and destroy the two bases there. At this point, you can relax a little bit, rebuild your forces, and just make the push. I liked to use Infestors, because they are so good at dealing with Thors and Siege Tanks.

Speaking of Infestors, get some; seriously, it’ll help a lot because you can infest the Medivacs and other units to make it a lot easier for yourself. Throughout this section of the game I used roving armies of Infestors to basically take over the Siege Tanks and Thors to soften up a base before flooding it with Zerglings. You can obviously save up and swarm Ultralisks or Brood Lords or whatever you want to go for, but I really liked the Infestor method.


  • Fully Operational: Don't lose a Bile Launcher.
  • Death Start: Destroy 3 Augustgrad Gates before the fifth Bile Launcher lands..
  • Planetfall: Complete the mission.



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