LucasArts Responds to Star Wars Galaxies Fans

Posted Sat, Jul 16, 2011 by Martuk

The announcement that Star Wars Galaxies would be coming to a close in December came as a shock to many fans. Since the announcement last month, fans have been doing everything that they can to try and convince SOE and LucasArts to save the game, some even calling for the game to continue using a free-to-play model.

SOE responded to fans last month and this week LucasArts responded to fans via a release to GamePro. Unsurprisingly, LucasArts is unchanged in their position and offered an explanation as to why they believe that a free-to-play switch for the game would not work at this point.

The decision to shut down the game has not been an easy one. SOE and LucasArts investigated every option to keep the game open, including taking it to a free to pay model. However, that model just isn't financially viable. Changing the business model for an experience like Star Wars Galaxies takes a major investment and overhauling of the existing infrastructure of the game. We're unfortunately at a point in our life cycle where a change of this magnitude is just not possible. The harsh reality is that we've reached a point where the game is no longer a sustainable business.

While titles such as Dungeons and Dragons Online, The Lord of the Rings Online and more recently, Age of Conan: Unchained, have had huge success with their free-to-play hybrid change, they were not facing competition from games of the same franchise. With Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures in full swing and the upcoming launch of BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, LucasArts likely feels that a free-to-play continuation is not worth the risk.

Sad news yet again for SWG fans, but there are still several months left before the game officially becomes one with the Force. So head over and enjoy the final twilight months of SWG while you can.

Source: GamePro

They said the exact same thing as SOE lol

You know, when I first heard the news, and to an extent even now, I was happy the game was being closed. I had quit the game before the gameplay changes, and when I came back after them, I quit after 1 day. Aside from that I was also maliciously happy due to forum trolls on the SWTOR offical boards and any other boards having to do with SWTOR and them angerly saying the game will fail due to it not being SWG 2.0. I mostly just found it annoying and figured it serves them right that their game is gone too. Still though, its pretty rude to be happy over someone losing the game they liked, and if Lucas Arts really just closed the game because they didn't want to bother with SWG or have it somehow hurt subscription numbers for SWTOR, they should have at least be honest about it. If this is an honest answer than all I can say is, your game had a good run, or at least was run for a good few years, make sure to make videos/take screenshots, and hold on to the memories of the game you guys liked.

I think it is unrealistic to think the SWG closure has nothing to do with SWTOR. But my guess is that it is from the other direction - rather than Lucas Arts / SOE being concerned that SWG would hurt SWTOR, I'm thinking they're afraid that SWTOR will hurt SWG. Even MMOs on the long tail need to pick up some amount of new/returning subscribers to keep the numbers up. If SOE (or Lucas Arts or whoever) sees SWTOR making a big dent in those numbers, they may simply feel they're fighting a losing battle in keeping SWG going. Die-hard fans or not, there are only so many people who are going to continue playing SWG forever.

And it isn't just about whether or not SWG is still profitable (or could remain so post-SWTOR). No matter how little they're doing with it, SWG requires some level of staffing and resources to keep it alive. If SOE sees those resources producing X dollars when applied to SWG, or X+Y dollars when applied to something else, it just makes more business sense from them to reassign the resources.

It would make sense that they said the same thing if they have been talking about closing it for a while now.


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