The Open Beta for Champions Online
is presumably right around the corner as the game nears its launch on
the 1st of September.  And as you enter Millennium City
for the first time you’ll find it a far different place than your
usual MMORPG affairs.  Here’s a quick list of things you should
know as you take your first baby steps into Superherodom this autumn.

  1. Character Creation Is Half
    of the Fun:
    Before you even set foot into the game, you’ll have
    to create a hero.  Sure you could randomize it all and just press
    play, but where’s the fun in that?  There are literally thousands
    of costume and power combinations to choose from, and you’ll likely
    want to spend a good amount of time getting your character right from
    the get-go.  But fear not, you can always spend money to change
    him or her once you’re in the game later. 
  2. Blocking Is Good For You:
    Combat in Champions Online is a wee bit different than in most
    games.  For starters, you actually control blocking yourself. 
    With a simple press of the Shift key, you’ll put up your guard, and
    you’ll find it a very proven tactic to help you stay alive in sticky
    situations. You can even slot certain powers into the "block" slot on your action bar, in most cases greatly increasing the benefits of blocking.
  3. Open Missions Are As Addicting
    As Pop Rocks:
    In every zone of Champions Online, you’ll
    find at least one Open Mission.  Similar to Warhammer
    Public Quests, Open Missions are massive repeating battles
    against the evil forces of Champions Online.  You don’t
    need to group up, or find partners to participate.  Just enter
    the area of the OM, and start helping in any way you can.
  4. Super Stats: Stats
    are a far less cryptic (no pun intended) facet of gameplay in Champions
    than they were in City of Heroes.  But what’s
    more is that you’ll get to pick two Super Stats in the early stages
    of your hero’s career.  These two stats, more than any others,
    will drive your damage.  That means it doesn’t matter if you’re
    a weakling gadgeteer or a massive hulking brute.  If you want to
    use the power of the mind to make your enemies tremble, you can. 
    Just choose Intellect as a Super Stat and focus on increasing it as
    you develop your character.  Your brainy ways will be smiting foes
    in no time.
  5. Don’t Feel Pigeonholed:
    In Champions, you really can be whatever you want.  Feel like making
    a wolfman that uses a combination of super-strength, fireballs, and
    a bow and arrows to take down his enemies?  Go ahead.  The
    limit to what your hero can do is only as limited as your imagination
    (and the hundreds of skills available to choose from).  There are
    no real “Classes” in Champions Online.  What your hero Is capable
    of is entirely up to you.
  6. Use Your Surroundings:
    Something that most other MMOGs don’t let you do is play around with
    your environment.  In Champions Online, it’s encouraged. 
    See a forklift lying on the ground?  Pick it up and toss it at
    your enemies.  That piece of rubble?  Bash their face in with
    it.  The stronger your character, the bigger the stuff he can lob
    at foes.  But the key thing to remember is that you can certainly
    use the environment to your advantage.
  7. There’s Gear in My Superhero
    It wasn’t until years later that Cryptic worked Gear and
    Equipment of a sort into City of Heroes.  In Champions,
    it’s there from the start.  One of your first quests will reward
    you with boosts to your stats.  Now they won’t go showing up
    on your hero visibly, but the effects they have can be more than enough
    to turn the tides of a tough battle.  The key? Find pieces that
    play to your hero’s more important stats and build it on thick.
  8. Travel Powers Galore:
    The popular choice will likely always be flight in one way or another,
    but each travel power has its own distinct flavor and benefits. 
    For instance, there’s nothing like having the ability to Super Jump
    your way away from a losing battle.  Tackling too tough of foes? 
    Tunnel underground like Bugs Bunny and lose them in Albuquerque. 
    They’re all good, but everyone has a favorite. 
  9. The Powerhouse is Your
    The Powerhouse serves as a safe haven and gym for each hero
    to enter and try out their new or potential new powers before heading
    into combat with them.  Use it wisely, and use it often. 
    If you pick some skill you don’t like, just head to the Powerhouse
    and have their trainers whip you into better shape… for a nominal
    fee of course.
  10. Your Nemesis Comes at
    Level 25:
    One of the first things players in the know will want
    to do is start fighting their much touted Nemesis.  But you’ll
    have a bit of waiting to do for that.  You don’t begin the quest
    series and creation of your very own archenemy until you hit level 25. 
    But trust us… it’s worth the wait.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016