Getting to Know the
Mystery MMOG


Over the past year, Ten Ton Hammer has been actively pursuing the story
behind 38 Studios, the up and coming MMOG development studio that is
working on a yet unnamed fantasy massively multiplayer online game. Up
until recently, this has meant discussing things with the executive
members of the studio – Brett Close, Curt Schilling, R.A. Salvatore,
and Mary Kirchoff to name a few. However, recently the gates were
opened and the development team was able to stretch its legs around a
few select members of the media. As always, Ten Ton Hammer was the
first crew on the scene, and we had an excellent discussion with Steve
Danuser and Jason Roberts at this year's ION Games Conference. We hope
you enjoy the first part of the discussion, and make sure you check
back in with Ten Ton Hammer for the conclusion!


Ten Ton
: When you're iterating this early on in the
do you go through everything with a fairly fine toothed comb and make
sure you're only including the quality experiences into your game?

We're pretty meticulous about things. We start off with a core
and we build off of that core. We'll add something on to the core, and
we'll take a step back and see how that affected the entire system and
how everything works in concert with each other. If it doesn't work,
you iterate and refine it and do that process all over again. You do
that again and again and again until you get it absolutely perfect. You
continue to grow the whole thing from there.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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