7 Best Call of Duty: Warzone Skins & How to Unlock Them


For Call of Duty: Warzone fans, one of the most evident and big pluses is the many operator skins available in the game. There are many operators to choose from in COD: WZ, and there is no doubt that this list will only grow in the future. Call of Duty: W.Z. has so many characters of different nationalities and origins that each player can choose the best Warzone character according to their preferences. Each Operator has their backstory and many appearances. Some of them are known to both old and new Call of Duty players—for example, Price or Woods. But in addition, there are entirely new characters, such as Rivas and Roze.

In this article, we bring the seven best Warzone skins to your attention.

Roze - Near Dark Skin

Roze is pretty popular in COD WZ. Not even experienced fans like and choose her, but even new players knew about Roze.

Roze is a former ranger. Before she became a ranger, she was a hunter and tracker hailing from the highlands of Colorado. Rose joined the Jackals after cutting all ties with the U.S. military. Rose Near Dark is very dark, and it is complicated to notice Rose in shady areas. For example, we can say that this one will be advantageous in a map similar to a Superstone. Legendary Roze Near Dark was released in season 5, and it looks better than any other of season 2 or season 4.

How To Unlock:

You need to buy the Roze Operator Pack at the Item Shop to get Roze Near Dark operator skin.

But there is also the best way for those who have already had previous Roze skin. To update Roze to the Near Dark, you need to complete these two steps:

   ●     At the battle, take three weapons when you use Roze as an operator.

   ●     Blind enemies twice with a flash grenade when you use Roze as an operator.

After this, it will auto-update, and you'll have a new version of Rose!

Grinch - Forest Spirit Skin

We know nothing about the Grinch's operator's previous life, but his accent betrays him as a member of the Bantu people. Jackals found him in an abandoned village in the Congo. He killed three Jackals before Zane could contact him and make a deal: service in exchange for a money transfer to an anonymous offshore account.

All other warzone skins of the Grinch are partially similar to Grinch Forest Spirit. The Grinch is dressed in a dark ghillie suit and hides his face. This can help you stay invisible in the battle royale.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Grinch, you do not need any battle pass. You need to buy the Eloko bundle in the Item Shop for 1800 CP.

Ghost - Azrael Skin

Born in Manchester, Simon Riley operator skin joined the Special Air Service and took on most undercover career assignments in secret locations. He hides his identity behind a signature skull mask to maintain anonymity in modern warfare.

He is notable for his resemblance to Roze Near Dark. These best skins are pretty dark, which helps them go unnoticed by the enemy in some cases at warfare. This item is legendary and maybe is the best ghost skin.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Azrael, you need to buy the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in the Item Shop for 2400 Cod Points. Looking for extra money to unlock it? Probably $2 deposit casino Canada can help you because they offer low deposits for online players who are always on a budget or for beginners who want to learn as much as they can. 

Mace - Metal Phantom Skin

Mace is a former US Ranger turned mercenary. Joined the Jackals when they carried out the first operation in the slums of South Africa. He wears a traditional scarf in honor of his ancestors. He has a reputation as a violent performer.

Mace - Metal Phantom Skin. He's wearing a khaki bulletproof vest and a skull mask protecting his face in modern warfare. He belongs to the best operator skins.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Mace Metal Phantom Skin, you need to buy the Mace Operator Bundle in the Item Shop for 2400 CP. But it seems to us that it is better to convert this amount into cryptocurrency and deposit in an online casino, unless of course you would like to gamble with bitcoin. Gambling has always been an important component of all games, not only online casinos.

Morte - SAW (Billy the Puppet) Skin

Few people know that the story of Saw begins with a nine-minute short film shot by a couple of young Australians - Leigh Whannell and James Wan - for 5 thousand U.S. dollars. Later, a series of these films became a cult. The following item from our top is dedicated to this series of films. Morte was launched in 2020 and since then has gained significant polarity among COD players.

Mort is one of several characters who did not receive various options of looks. Sergio's Standard and Extra ones are available in multiplayer mode. The Sergio Extra Skin depicts John Kramer, the main villain from the Saw movie series.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Morte - SAW (Billy the Puppet) Skin, you need to buy the SAW Bundle in the Item Shop for 2400 CP.

Mara - Notice Meow Skin

Mara is a Venezuelan citizen recruited by the CIA at 15. Provided U.S. intelligence to conduct covert operations to eliminate al-Qatala parts in Venezuela. She has volunteered through US MTR training. Mara's Notice Meow features a cute yet durable cat-ear helmet to keep you entertained while you play. And who knows, maybe your enemies won't want to kill the cute kitten? This one looks better than the skins of season 4.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Mara - Notice Meow, you need to buy the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in the Item Shop for 2400 CP.

Velikan – Leatherface Skin

Almost nothing is known about the Velikan, except for his enigmatic personality and reputation as a highly-skilled assassin. At some point, he joined the Shadow Company as a mercenary and traveled to Verdansk. Unlike other performers, the Giant is silent and only emits laughter in the finishing blow. Those who know him never speak ill of him. Whether out of fear or out of respect, no one knows for sure.

How To Unlock:

To unlock Velikan – Leatherface item, you need to buy the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundle in the Item Shop for 2400 CP.


Call of Duty: Warzone is a great gift for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare owners because the game is developing this way. And, of course, it is an excellent gift for all fans of the royal battles. A free game from Activision is a miracle itself, and a free game of such quality is even better. There are enough new mechanics to make it satisfying and not complain that this is a bland copy of PUBG or Apex Legends. And we hope this game will get more support than COD: Black Ops Cold War.

As you can understand from this article, there are many characters in the game, so it depends only on which warzone skins you will play for.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2022