We’ve known that Red 5 Studios has been hard at work creating a new title for the online space for quite some time now. We’ve also known that the developer boasts some top notch talent including Mark Kern, team lead on World of Warcraft, and Scott Youngblood, former lead designer of Tribes. But what we didn’t know is just what kind of title such a talented team had aims at producing. All of that changed, however, when Red 5 hit the show floor at PAX Prime to officially unveil Firefall, a team-based action shooter due out in Q4 of 2011. Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to see the game in action and speak with the legendary Mark Kern at the event, and has the full details on whether or not Firefall will be the game everyone is talking about next fall.

Much like a shiny new car that wouldn’t really win me over before taking it for a test drive, it’s not often that seeing a game presentation alone is enough to really woo me into believing a new title has some serious potential. But Firefall has plenty of interesting things going for it beyond a mere handful of combat gimmicks or graphical magic tricks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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