AdventureQuest Worlds: /touchdown!

A Super-Bowl Sized Release!    

The highly anticipated Super Bowl is this weekend. And since the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds ( releases new content every week… we thought to ourselves, “why not kick-off the month of February with our very own Half-Time show?”

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Starting this weekend, the town of Battleon is celebrating Super Bowl XLIV in the only way we know how—with pigskin weapons, deadly pom-pom chakras, giant foam fingers, football armors, and cheerleader costumes. /Cheer your favorite team to victory while showing your Super Bowl spirit amongst millions of players in the ever-growing world of Lore!

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Timeout! It gets better; not only can you dress the part, but you can also play the timeless minigame of Punt Twilly, only available during this special time of year! Wearing your new armor, try your luck at punting the adorable moglin, Twilly, as far as you can. If you can get a perfect-punt score of 100, a special Achievement will be unlocked, announcing you as the Punt-Pro! (This horrible name is pending—if you can think of a better one, please let us know!)

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Football not your thing? No problem—along with the Super Bowl festivities, we are also somehow managing to release a brand-new Zone! The gates to the vampire and werewolf filled forest of Darkovia are finally opening. For those of you who played the original AdventureQuest (, this is Part 1 of an epic new storyline taking place in a fully explorable recreation of that famous (and very haunted) zone. And is starts THIS FRIDAY! Yes, this means that Safiria the Vampire Queen and her castle will at long last get a permanent home in AQWorlds.

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Travel through Greenguard Forest and make your way through the windy trails until you find the eerie gates leading to Darkovia. You can’t miss it—not only does the scenery change from friendly-forest to foreboding graveyard, there is also a lovely sign that points the way (how convenient, right). Tread lightly as you make your way through an ominous graveyard full of skeletons and various other creepy creatures. And, uh, whatever you do… don’t mess with the undead werewolf, Blightfang…

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Want to find out more? Buff your INT stats with our behind-the-scenes Design Notes (  Or just EXP the adventure firsthand at!   

Battle On!

Beleen and the AQW Team

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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