AdventureQuest Worlds: Valentine Cheer and the Chinese New Year

Love is in the air… along with fireworks, confetti, and paper lanterns!

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It’s that lovely time of year again when Heroes spread their respawning love with makeshift paper hearts, boxes of chocolates, and bundles of overpriced roses. Some might call it Valentine’s Day… but in AdventureQuest Worlds (, we know it as Heroes Hearts Day!    

Big Daddy, the CEO of Big Daddy Chocolates & Cards LLC, has returned to the newly revamped Forest of Infinite Terror—an appropriate name for a Valentine-themed zone, right? This hot-shot gamer is all about spreading the love… and seasonal rare items… during this special time of year. Assist Big Daddy on some very important lovey-dovey quests and help the charming Prince Jim tell his darling Princess Pam how much he loves her. SPOLIER ALERT: If you’re a fan of the TV show “The Office,” then this is one quest that you will truly remember Forever!

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Snuggle-grams and smooches not your thing? No problem—head to the city of Akiba where the Chinese New Year celebration is currently underway! Fireworks light up the night sky along with festive paper lanterns and giant Tiger head morphs; it IS the Year of the Tiger, after all, and it only comes around once every 12 years! Town venders have stocked up on various New Year plants to decorate your house with, including water lilies, bamboo shoots, and beautiful plum blossoms. You can also get your very own (and very adorable) Chibi Tiger Pet, available in two designer coat colors: orange and white. But you might wanna hurry—the white tiger chibi will only be available until Wednesday, making him the first-ever-non-member-perma-rare- pet! 

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Vampires and Werewolves: this week’s upcoming release!

The gates to an all-new zone have just been opened, leading to the eerie home of Vampires and Lycans: Darkovia! Tread lightly as you make your way through an ominous graveyard full of skeletal mages, Rattlebones, and Albino Bats. Amongst the tombstones and foreboding shadows, you will meet Vannier the Vampire and Warclaw the Werewolf who offer you Quests to prove your worth for their aligned kin. Rumor has it that an undead kleptomaniac werewolf named Blightfang prowls these lands, loaded with a bunch of incredibly dangerous items. We are not sure how he got a hold of such weaponry (or where he stashes them, even)… regardless, this sly Lycan will only show himself to those who appear to be a threat. So make sure you show this undead werewolf just what you are made of… other than flesh and bone, that is…

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Wanna find out more? Buff your INT stats with our up-to-date behind-the-scenes Design Notes by clicking the link right here Or just EXP the adventure firsthand at!  

Battle On!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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