Age of Conan has changed and grown a lot in the last year and Ten Ton Hammer dove back in game to see how these changes effected the game and community. We've covered technical improvements, server population, and gems in our first article. In the second, we touched upon combat, questing, and PvP gameplay. Now, we take a look at what could be the most important aspects of the game, classes, itemization, and crafting.

Age of Conan was never meant to be an item-centric game and while I think that's good, there does need to be a reason to keep playing and upgrading, and this is where AoC fell short early on. It was completely possible for a player to pick up a nice item at level 30 and still have use of it at level 50 and this should NEVER be the case. Along with that, changing stats around through gear, feats, and gems didn't have the customization that it should have had. Striving for better and more useful gear and weapons is such a big part of gameplay that without it, players are left aimlessly blowing in the wind.

Find out what improvements AoC has made to these ultra important game features right here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016