Continuing our six part interview series with Christina Kelley of
Gala-Net we move on to Aika Online's
primary healer class, the Cleric. Aika Online is a PvP focused game
that looks to finally fulfill the promise of making player versus
player content truly massive with its 1000 vs 1000 epic battles. In
order to keep rendering to a minimum the game is limited to six
classes, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in fun and
diversity. Perhaps no class in the game more wholly demonstrates those
principles than the Cleric.

Ton Hammer: Will Clerics need to hire bodyguards, or can they take up
for themselves when the opposing faction is hunting them down

Christina: The Cleric’s main focus in the PvP
realm is on
supporting more attack-oriented classes. The spells which the Cleric
utilizes tend to have a more defensive flavor to them, but that doesn’t
mean they’re less powerful or significant than offensive skills. This
class may need a helping hand at a lower level, but once they reach
higher levels they can definitely handle themselves well in PvP. Their
healing capabilities will be more than enough to get them out of danger
if need be, and their enemies might be left thinking, “Man, that little
girl is tough!”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016