Aika Global has concluded its closed beta test and the game's open beta is now available worldwide...mostly. The massive PvP MMOG will be available to countries around the world with the exception of The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia. Aika Global will be handled directly by its developers, minimizing some of the issues and setbacks from external publishers.

T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines is proud to announce that the much awaited “AIKA GLOBAL” is officially here. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Closed Beta stage, the first ever game to feature seamless nation versus nation combat will now be open to players around the world. AIKA has been awarded the Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Players Choice: Best Online Game and Best Game Design & Scenario at last year’s 2009 Korean Game Awards. Gamers have given it positive reviews as it has competed with popular games titles such as World of Warcraft (WOW) and Aion in Korea.

Check out the full press release for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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