Have a very happy New Year!

I love the new year. January 1st is when I can finally see the light at the
end of the bitter winter tunnel and start looking towards all the promise that
will be held in the following seasons.  This is when I start planning
summer vacations and fairer weather family outings, check out the summer
convention schedules, and look over the list of newly releasing MMOGs. 
Checking out this year's lineup? We have an amazing year of betas and releases
coming and it has me all a tingle!


my new year editorial for Aion
, I noted what I thought it would take to keep
Aion on top in 2010.  Going up against some superstar names like Star Wars: The Old
Republic and Final Fantasy's latest incarnation, it's going to be a fight to the
death for subscribers but I believe firmly that if NCsoft can make the "Vision"
a reality early this year, that these new games won't even be a blip on the Aion

Did I mention content? Aion’s biggest downfall has been lack of quests, particularly between levels 20-40. It is this lack of content that has players feeling every single level they grind through and a good part of the reason players have dropped off to await future game releases. While it is clear that NCsoft understands this is an issue and has content in the works, if my opinion matters at all, I’d suggest getting in sooner rather than later and making a big splash across all mid-levels before the new games move in and enthrall waning players.

What can NCsoft do to win your monthly dollars in 2010? Stop by this thread and
share your thoughts! Maybe the gaming fairy will grant your new year's wishes.


Aion Site Lead


Travel can be expensive, particularly if you are running quests
between various zones. Save yourself money by picking up various travel scrolls
at the general merchant in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.  You can purchase
scrolls that will send you to popular zones, saving not just kinah, but also
valuable time.



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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016