Gala-Net, through the gPotato gaming portal, is bringing another
massive PvP-themed free-to-play MMOG to North America. Featuring five
nations, six classes, and one extremely unique combat pet, style="font-style: italic;">Aika should
generate quite a bit of interest among gamers as it draws closer to its
Spring 2010 release date.

Developed by JoyImpact, Aika
is set to redefine the “massive” in MMOG with its 1000 vs. 1000
battles. PvP isn't restricted to large scale warfare, however-- players
can engage in multiple scenarios to satisfy their bloodlust. Another
feature that western players will find refreshing is the robust quest
system. While there may not be as many quests in the game as some of
the AAA titles, the experience rewards from these quest lines are the
preferred leveling method and are a welcome departure from the
perception that all eastern-oriented games force players to grind
through levels.

The Lore

derives its name from the great goddess Aika who created the world
known as Arcan. The seemingly benevolent goddess envisioned Arcan as a
utopia and tried several times to create a race that would live in
harmony with the world. However, her best intentions inevitably paved
the road to destruction. The first race, the Scinic, was too restless
living in tranquility. The second race, the Humans, were too bent on
hatred and destruction and began to destroy the world they were brought
in to balance. The third race Aika created, the Zereca, were sent in to
cleanse the world of its corruption, however they were too effective
and soon the Human race faced extinction.

Years of struggle had weakened Aika, but mustering the final reserves
of her power she evacuated the remaining Humans to the sky kingdom of
Lakia where they would be safe from the wrath of the Zereca. The great
strain of this rescue effort forced the goddess into a three hundred
year slumber. Luckily for the Humans, the effects of the power Aika had
used to create the Zereca also caused them to share in her comatose

During the interim, the Humans have prospered and grown, but that
prosperity is now threatened as the goddess awakens from her deep
sleep. As Aika stirs, so to do the Zereca. Recognizing the threat these
malevolent creatures posses, Aika has empowered the most worthy of the
Humans with powers to fight the Zereca and created for them a new
companion race, known as the Pran, to aide them in their struggle.

The Nations

The nation system is
version of factions and will shape the player’s
interaction with the world. There are five nations available for play
and within each nation are guilds vying for control of it. Once the
control of the nation is settled, players can move on to the Relic War,
where they will battle other nations for ultimate control.

  • Alethius
    as honorable and noble, members of the Alethius nation are those
    concerned with fair play and justice.
  • Lenaria
    social butterflies of Aika, the Lenarians are a good natured group is
    more concerened with comraderie than war. 
  • Feonir
    the mantle of explorers, the Feonir value knowledge and indepenance
    above all else. Seeking to understand and catalogue the world around
    them is the core value of this strong willed and defensive minded
  • Vanov
    militaristic, the Vanov are a structured and disciplened
    nation. Known for their ferociousness in the field of battle, this
    prideful group of people are the epitomy of order and stability.
  • Ostyrion
    by bloodlust and treachery, the citizens of Ostyrion  are
    feared and loathed universally. Ruled by chaos,  the only
     structure in this malevolent nation is the
    shared belief that they are superior to all others. 

The Classes

There are six playable classes within style="font-style: italic;">Aika. They are
standard fare for the genre with one fairly notable exception-- classes
in Aika
are gender bound, meaning you cannot change the default gender of the
class you wish to play. Done to facilitate the massive scale of PvP, by
keeping the number of renders in the game to a minimum, there will most
likely never be a way to modify this.

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Name Role Gender Warrior Melee DPS, Off-Tank Male Paladin Main Tank, Healer, Buffs and DPS Female Warlock Ranged DPS and Crowd Control Male Cleric Healer and Buffs Female Rifleman Ranged DPS and Crowd Control(stealth based) Male Dual Gunner Mid-Range DPS and Stealth Female


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Blending Eastern PvP with Western quest-based leveling in a
free-to-play package could equal a very potent combination that should
help to further enhance gPotato's reputation as one of the premier game
portals. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for more information on this
interesting title.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016