gPotato, the North American gaming portal for Gala-Net, is set to bring
another large scale PvP oriented game to the market. Following in the
massive battle trend of Allods Online, this new
game has a distinctly Asian feel but with some interesting twists to
the standard formula. Aika
promises to thrust players into PvP battles that will start off
focusing on the control of your own faction and their powerful relics
and escalate ultimately for control of the entire world. With five
Nations, six Classes, fifteen unique areas to explore and one very
interesting combat pet, Aika may be one of the more
titles to hit our shores in quite some time. Join Medawky this week as
he gives us a quick overview and introduction to the game that is just
kicking off beta in preparation for a Spring 2010 North American

by JoyImpact, Aika is set to redefine the “massive” in MMOG with its
1000 vs. 1000 battles. PvP isn't restricted to large scale warfare,
however-- players can engage in multiple scenarios to satisfy their
bloodlust. Another feature that western players will find refreshing is
the robust quest system. While there may not be as many quests in the
game as some of the AAA titles, the experience rewards from these quest
lines are the preferred leveling method and are a welcome departure
from the perception that all eastern-oriented games force players to
grind through levels.

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world of Aika

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016