Did you know a psychologist was making your game?

In this Dev Interview with Gaute Godager, Director of Age of Conan, the goal seems to be to really get to know the man. Let's face it - we don't know much about these Norwegian geniuses that have brought us this incredible game. This is what had the most impact on him:

Are there any friends or family who had a major impact on your career or chasing dreams that you’d like to talk about, do they play games?

Gaute Godager:
In addition to my brother, as I mentioned, old buddies from way back that believed in me and that I discussed gaming with included Jonny Larsen and Steve Reberg. I got support from my parents too, but they also always discreetly wondered when I would grow up. I question that too, sometimes… These days my wife gives me wonderful support and like many spouses deserves more thanks and mention than they get. Here it is though, thank you Anja! ;)

For the full interview, check here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016