Dissatisfied with the game, wants to take the consequences with him

Many gamers since April have expressed their dissatisfaction with Age of Conan, and it seems now they are not alone. Game Director and Lead Producer Gaute Godager thinks he and his team have made a wonderful game, but there are still some aspects it he is dissatisfied with. It's also been said (by European Product Manager Erling Ellingsen) that Godager wanted to take those consequences with him when he left.

"We don't want to go into all the specifics on what he was dissatisfied with - it's sufficient to say that there were elements in the game that he was not happy with and he wanted to take the consequence of that," Ellingsen told GamesIndustry.biz. "The consequence was him leaving the company and allowing someone else to take over the project."

I know that quote may make you think that Godager was forced out, but it doesn't seem like that at all.

Gaute Godager, one of the original co-founders of the company, said that he was dissatisfied with parts of the game, and that it was now time to hand control of the popular MMO over to a new team member.

"I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with," said Godager.

"I have decided to act on this, and as a result I have chosen to leave Funcom."

Taking on Godager's role is Craig Morrison, previously producer and game director for Anarchy Online, and also an ex-Telegraph and IGN staff member.

"It is time to get new, fresh eyes on Age of Conan, and I wholeheartedly support the appointment of Craig," offered Godager.

In the tizzy of information this has generated, we also have a hello from Mr. Morrison, who posted his introduction on the Age of Conan Forums under the name "Silirrion".

It is a great honor to be here and to have been asked to step into this role. It's definitely a little strange to be back here on the forums after having been involved in starting up the original Age of Conan community over three years ago (and a big hello again to those of you who have been around since those early days!). I have been very excited to see how the game and the community around it have developed since then and I am thrilled to have this chance to guide and support your adventures in the world our team here has crafted and built with such hard work and dedication.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016