For as long as there has been player versus player combat, there has been ganking, griefing, and exploiting. Age of Conan isn't immune to cheaters anymore or less than any other game, but are there ways we as players can reduce this plague? After all, if we are going to get pwned in the face, shouldn't it at least be done fairly?

Savanja talks about what exploiting is, why it happens, and how we can help stop it in this look at Player versus Player Exploiting.

The AoC community recently got a major case of smack-downitis when Funcom responded to some in game exploiting on the PvP servers. Those who couldn't get an edge any other way took advantage of questionable mechanics so that they could flex their pixels and declare themselves "Better Than You". Funcom dealt with the exploiters swiftly and issued this statement..

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016